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26 Jun 2009

Bye, Bye Birdie

My college people called me today and told me that classes are starting a week earlier than expected. And I fell apart completely. Life, as I know it, is officially over.
I am being sent away to hostel (I knew this much earlier, but that didn't stop me from falling apart) and all of a sudden I know how much I'll miss my boring life here.

Ya, Ya, new friends, college and hostel are gonna be fun, too much going on to keep me from brooding over things, activities that I am going to enjoy... bla bla bla. But I can never again act like a dufus and know that my friends don't think I am mad. I can't hoot out loud and let loose and be retarded when I want to. I can't pester mum to make pizzas for dinner or make omelette for Gran and hear her go mmm... I can't even annoy my brother properly again:(

Basically I have to be a grown-up and prim and proper and I am not at all looking forward to it.

P.S: Call me immature all you like but that's not what this is about.