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2 Jan 2011

The Bleus

So finally after a month of holidays (lazy, LAZY ones), I'm going back to the college hostel. 

I don't want to go=(

The thing is, till now I used to look forward to going because while home means a lot to me, hostel was always a place where I've had the most fun in my entire life. I have the good fortune of being blessed with such awesome friends that hostel ruled \m/ xD. That, in spite of the rest of the shitty stuff that goes with college and the hostel wardens.

Nothing has changed. Everybody is still there. Hostel's still the same old, same old.
But I am NOT looking forward to it=/
And I have no clue why.

Packing and cleaning up my room has just gotten me so down that you can't even see the dumps.
The blue feeling.

Go away.