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8 Jun 2011

15 Day Challenge: Day 6

Four things I want to say but might never

1) You are a/an *. After everything she’s done for you, EVERYTHING, you couldn’t even be decent to her. You don’t deserve the dust on her feet, still she took you in. and this is how you repay her?? You’ll never have my love or respect and I will always abhor you and I will make sure the others do too. I am/will be decent to you only because I have been brought up that way. I have lost count of the number of timed I have damned you to hell and back, even the Jesus YOU believe in will not forgive you. Someday, I wish you find yourself in the exact same position as you put her in and then the cycle will be complete. And that will be my day of redemption, of true peace.
(Note: I’m not usually this vindictive so you have to understand that the party in question deserves every bit of it)

2) You do not GET how much I depend on you, for sanity. I have never told you out of self-preservation because I still haven’t worked out if you are good for me or bad and if you’ll stay by me or desert me like the rest. I trust you still in spite of that one incident and I have always wondered if you feel the same way about me. Either way, you’ll be one of my special ones.

3) Don’t you get it? You are not the next miracle since sliced bread. Much as you like to think so, you are not. If I have put up with you, it’s only because I had no other choice. If I have said anything to the contrary, it was for my own sanity. You think you are popular but I’m still waiting for the day when people get to know the real you. I shudder with disgust and dislike every time somebody behaves as if I like you. Being hatke is good; but just not the way YOU are. The way you’re going? You’ll have all the success in the world none to call your own. Decide if that’s what you want before it’s too late.

4) I will not go on without you. I know I’m not the easiest person to put up with for any given length of time but I promise I will make it worth your while. Not just to prove everybody wrong but more for the things we plan day in and day out. God alone knows what’s going to happen a year from now and He alone knows how this ends (I wish I was as confident as you are) but life as I know it will always have you featuring in the header. Time zones don’t matter, neither does being apart (unlike Simple Plan & Natasha Bedingfield think). You’re still the first thing I think about waking up and the last before falling asleep. And I strongly suspect you’ll always be.

And for the record, I do't mind saying any of these, except the first (for reasons few people will understand), to the concerned people's faces. One thing, never say anything behind somebody's back that you can't to their faces. Grandma's pearls of wisdom, one of the few I actually follow.

* will be the worst swear word you can think of, I refrain because this is far more widely read than before (read: by Mother) and I don’t want to be irresponsible and also because I consider my vocabulary far too mild for the person in question.

6 down, 9 to go! :)

P.S: My blogger awards are ready, finally!! *happyclap*