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8 Jun 2011

My Culinary Finesse :P

Today, I made vegetable biriyani.
My first ever unassisted project.
Here's proof.
The Veggies I Cut Myself

The Onions I Browned Myself
The Sautéing I Did Myself

The Adding Masala/ Boiling I Did Myself
The Trials I Made Myself
The Garnishing I Carved Myself
The Final Product. Ah! Bliss! :P

Well, at least I tried :D
And the occasion is our monthiversary, so I dedicate this to you.
Even if you are too far away to eat it <3

And to those of you sniggering in the background, no, nobody died or got food poisoning from eating it.
Surprise, surprise! It wasn't even half bad.

P.S: No posts tomorrow.. I'm off themeparking :D \m/