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13 Jul 2011

Blast them..

Will they never leave Mumbai alone? Will innocent people die by the millions to serve terrorist purposes till the end of time? Is there no justice, no order, no law in this country, world?

My blood boils.

To see the carelessness in the onlookers faces, attitudes. To see the media making it a circus, as usual. To hear high-up officials make 'statements'. To watch passively and not be of any use. 

Tears well up when I think of all those who lost their brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, friends, lovers. Of the ones who fought before they parted ways, never to get the chance to make up again, to say that they loved and cared.
They could have been any one of ours. Easily.

Is that all the value there is for human life?
The worst part? Next time this week, life will go on as usual, leaving the bereaved behind in their sorrow, after all the bytes have been squeezed from them.

R.I.P to all those souls.
I will pray that you are avenged.
In my helplessness, that is all I can do.

Note: Three blasts ripped through Bombay at around 6.30 in the evening in Dadar, Opera House and Zaveri Bazaar of what has been confirmed as terrorist attacks.