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16 Jul 2011

KA-BLOOEY! goes my mind

Warning: The following can only be classified as incoherent rambling. Do not go further if you even mildly suspect that you might not be interested. Do not look for sense, do not look for order and most certainly do not try to understand.

What do you do when that you have a jealousy attack

When that bloody green monster puts it's hand through your mouth, reaches for your intestines and twists them all up in a bundle so tight that you feel you might die from the pain. 
When you feel stupid knowing that, rationally speaking, there is no need for that particular emotion but the feeling is so irrational, so primal, that you have no control; you just fall, spiraling headlong into despair. You feel helpless and lost in addition to stupidity.
When you feel what is yours has another side which was, is and never will be yours?
When your insides feel cold and your choking up.

And to voice it out to even the one you consider the most understanding will be pushing them away and driving the cleaver further into the wood.
So basically, this is what is called a mind-fuck.
Thank you, Universe, for conspiring to make me feel EVERY emotion possible, you didn't have to be so kind.
And no, I'm not insecure.

Anyway, Harry Potter is over. As in over over. That makes me depressed to say the least. Not that the movies ever made me happy; I have issues with the makers cutting out my most favorite parts of the books in the movies (or having screwed it up so bad that I despise the scene now). 

But it's the end of an era.
The end of, what I feel, is my childhood.
And that makes me even more depressed.

J.K.Rowling, I know everybody has said everything there is to say, but I will still say one last time that - You. Are. Legend. And you'll have my eternal love and gratefulness for creating Harry.
I have always been jealous of everyone who makes money fast. Except her. She deserves every bit of everything that she gets and much, much more.

And thank you, Radcliffe, for making Harry come to life. For looking like a dork when you needed to and never being too perfect.
And I know that Pottermore is going to suck. 
So bye Harry Potter, you will always be a precious, much-cherished memory.

Have you seen cherry blossoms, they are beautiful. 

They are more than beautiful, they are exquisite.

College is about to start. I'm actually happy going back; hostel IS fun, notwithstanding the wardens. Hopefully, this time around, things will be less complicated, with less bitchiness (my class is full of bitches, myself included), less holier-than-thou's (full of them too), less ego-clashes (the egos are PUNY but they still insist on clashing and making life difficult for the rest of us), less jealousy (and related problems) and more pure, clean fun.
Because this is the last year I'm going to be sitting in a classroom for a long time to come.

P.S: This is me venting. So ignore. And I told you not to try and make sense.
P.P.S: What DO you do when jealousy strikes, help me out here.
P.P.S.S: I promise to come up with a post that doesn't scream *the author is frikkin' looney* as soon as I shake off this murderous mood. 
P.P.P.S.S: Red Handed has agreed to guest post for me. YAY. 
*dramatically* COMING SOON!