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18 Jul 2011

Lucky 100!!

Never thought, never imagined
That they are 100 people in this world 
Who'd want to read 
The makings of my mind, 
The writings of my pen. 

Erm, sorry about the bad poetry, I know I should not try. Ever. But with the cup of joy overflowing and all that (:P just an expression, people), I had to. Please bear with me. It'll go away if you close your eyes. Promise.

Thank you all so very much, you rock my world. Really do. 

It's been quite a short but extremely fulfilling journey so far, made some wonderful friends.
Hoping the world and all that's right in it, remains this way forever.


P.S: Yes, in case you are wondering, I have recovered my sanity. Or at least a bit of it. Not murderous anymore and happily looking forward to the rest of the week:) In case you are wondering, that is.