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1 Jul 2011

The Month That Was..

June went by at the pace of a dog whose tail is on fire.

I learnt that NOT doing an internship can do me good. And being at home for the holidays can be the greatest fun.

I learnt how the presence of one person who means the world to you can change everything and the absence of another will leave a hole the size of the Niagara in your life. Ma, you remain the one person I can have guaranteed fun with and I'm glad you came back. And N, you HAVE to come back. Period.

I yearned to go back to school with new, crisp uniforms, bags and water bottles with freshly covered notes waiting to be filled with doodles, nonsense and red pen marks. I envy my siblings.

I learnt that punching people's noses out will not get desired results (unless the result you want is to draw blood). I learnt to hedge, I learnt to avoid FB chat, I learnt to relax for hours with a mud pack on my face (which made my brother make comparisons to the Mud Monster in ScoobyDoo).

I got a new template, a new name and blogged like a maniac. I got comments like never before (in my entire blog existence since 2009). I am yet to get over my low-self-esteem about my writing. I met the gang who make blogreading pure pleasure. I argued with Ashwin over whether he was paavam or non-paavam.

I learnt to find patience to fold clothes by the ton. I learnt where all my MIA clothes were. I learnt to wake up before 8. I learnt the Hanuman Chalisa and to pray regularly.
I learnt how easy it is to be happy. 

Overall, not a bad month I suppose, because I had fun, a lot of it
Thank you, June '11!

July, how YOU doin'? ;)