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17 Aug 2011

*The Happy Dance*

Yes, I am a forgetful fool.
There. Now that I have admitted it, we can all move on.

Sweetheart of a Risha awarded me and said such sweet things about me.
And I forgot to repost.

Anyway, she gave me this.

And made me number nine on her list.
AND called me a brilliant writer as well.

What can I say,
Thank you so much once again,

Comments like those from KN., Israr and Atrocious Scribblings and awards and recognition from fellow-bloggers are what makes me go on with my writing, whatever little flair that I have.
You guys make me look forward to writing on my blog and publish it rather than in my notebook and hide.

Linkback: Check.

7 random things (as if I'm not random enough already:P)

1. I recently realized that I have grown up and there is no way I will get away with licking chocolate wrappers in public (unless of course I want people to think I'm retarded).
2. I also recently realized that I will be passing out of college in less than a year and I still have NO clue what I want to do (yes, irresponsible and indecisive are my middle names)
3. I get furious with people about small random things that they do and never talk to them for a long time leaving them to wonder what the hell happened.
4. I love getting mails from bloggers. I don't know why.
5. I hate tomatoes in curries. Raw tomatoes are faaaiyynn. But cooked are just plain repelling.
6. I'm inordinately proud (and a little jealous) of my sister for having written a book so early in her life (She's 11).
7. I love rainy seasons. Including all the slush, mud, ruined makeup, wet clothes parts.

What? You said random, ok? :P

My Favorite song: These and more

My Favorite Dessert: Death By Chocolate. Last thing I want to eat in life as well.

What Pisses Me Off:  Not crediting work appropriately, double standards, people borrowing my things (and not returning them) and fake friendships.

Biggest Fear:
 Losing my mother, my siblings or my guy. Stuff that my nightmares are made of.

Best Feature: My 'Chinese' eyes that apparently disappear when I smile (I don't know, ask my friends)

Everyday Attitude: Don't kill or get killed.

What Is Perfection: A day by the beach with my brother/sister, a day of shopping with Amma, a dinner with Nandu. 

Guilty Pleasure: F.R.I.E.N.D.S reruns, Plants vs. Zombies and chocochip cookies during exams.

And passing it on to another 15 bloggers
(Oh, wow)

  1. Spaceman Spiff

  2. Psych Babbler

  3. Felicity

  4. Bikram

  5. Srinidhi

  6. Meghana

  7. Soumya

  8. Hamza Bin Laden

  9. Ugly Shoelace

  10. Joshi Daniel

  11. KN.

  12. Aesthetic Blasphemy

  13. Rubber Soul

  14. MSM

  15. Phatichar

(In no particular order, except Spaceman. I MEANT her to be first)

Though I would love to describe each one of these blogs in superlatives, I realise it would make an inordinately long post. So I'll be content with saying that they are AMAZING blogs, each special in their own unique way.

Visit each one on the list and I promise it'll be worth your time and more. Each writer has his/her own unique style and each one of these blogs are those which I keep checking to see if there are any new posts. I wish them all the luck in the world with 
their writing and life, in general as well. Keep writing and entertaining us, readers:)

And sorry again, Risha, for being SO late with the posting :|

P.S: I have fiction on my mind. A six part series about eight friends. Any takers? Let me know:)

EDIT: Ok, there seems to be confusion regarding this - by 'passing it on to 15 other bloggers' I mean that I'm awarding the mentioned bloggers with the same award who I think are deserving; it's not just a mere mention of their blogs.