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1 Sep 2011

The Month That Was.. August

August was a bitter chocolate chip cookie – bit into bitter pieces here and there but didn’t deter me from enjoying the cookie.

Anna Hazare dominated everyone’s lives (atleast mine) and the news as well. Independence Day just reminded me of how my country is going to the dogs, yet again. Didn't stop me from being inordinately proud of her though.

A full-of-birthdays month. I didn't get the first birthday cake :|I hold a grudge.

And started calling everybody 'the mantal bwoy'. 

A much awaited anniversary day, which was forgotten by who was supposed to remember, quickly became one of my Top Ten Favorite Moments in Life. The temporary amnesia was forgiven and forgotten (which is rare considering I'm an Arian).

A mostly important birthday came. And went. I wished and I didn’t get acknowledged. And that was the end of whatever little relationship there was.

Yet another realization:


Ragged a few juniors. Reminisced about how we came in the first year.
Gokulastami happened. And I fell in love with my own sari. Maybe they aren’t that bad after all.

I yearned for some good food and took out all my frustration on my blog. And instantly felt guilty for all the Muslims were fasting. I felt mean. 
Craved a Choco Lash Krusher from KFC for the whole month, one that was fulfilled by Mum yesterday. Twice over.

Found out MSM's real name:) So very pretty, it is <3
And promised myself I would stop writing such loooong posts.
And promised myself that I would stop procrastinating writing down the stories in my head. Again.

And my tattoo obsession is growing.
How do you write 'peace' in Arabic or Urdu?

And I wrote a quote, first ever:
“If you were single when I met you. Or if I were single when you met me.
Maybe things would have been different.
A story that ended before it even started.”
What d’ya think?
Oh and September, how YOU doin’?

P.S: Eid Mubarak and Ganesh Chaturthi ki shubhkaamnayein. Festivals come in tandem; maybe we should celebrate them together as well?
P.P.S: Anybody willing to teach me Urdu? A little bit will do.
P.P.S.S: Do check out this story. DO.