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1 Aug 2011

The Month That Was... July

If June was a dog with it's tail on fire, July was a cat which was yowling its head off.
(Yes, I'm obsessed with animals.)

I learnt to choose between VERY dear things. 
I learnt to choose without knowing which is the right choice and knowing that which ever one I choose, I'll always regret not having chosen the other.
I learnt to deal with the resultant guilt.
Did that make sense? No? Ah well.

I learnt to lose newly-bought precious things and rant about it.
I learnt to deal with wearing glasses to college. I DETEST it. Or rather mostest detestest it.
(I know it's not a word, but I like superlatives with -est).

I learnt (or rather other people are learning) that making me a representative of any kind is dangerous to everybody's health, mental and physical. 
Illustration:  When your truly lost it after getting pissed off with the whole class in general and banged a bit of paper on the desk so hard that half the people jumped out of their skins and my hand smarted for the rest of the day.

In my defense, I have some sort of misplaced sense of perfectionism where I HAVE to get certain things done a certain way, or I lose it. O.k, that's the lamest defense ever *rolls eyes*

I learnt that distance is a beetch when you are in love (copyright: KT)
I learnt that jealousy is the worst thing that can happen to a relationship and that jealousy is highly under-rated; it's much worse when you feel it yourself than they say. Any solutions?

I wrote my first guest post for Red:)

I learnt that Farzana is getting married:'(
But I'm happy for her *sniff, sniff*
Melodrama apart, I wish her all the happiness and love in the world. God bless.

I learnt that survival in the hostel solely depends on how crazy you friends are.
I learnt that when friends come and stay with you, they start becoming like sisters.
I learnt that having 7.5 meals a day happens only in the hostel.
I learnt that all for one and one for all is effective not only against the warden but also in life.
And I learnt that orange lollys and black nail paint will never go out of fashion as long as The Roomies are as retarded as you are.

I learnt that leaving home, how many ever times you have left it before, will never ever be easy. It just breaks your heart clean in two to see Amma waving bye, trying to be strong for you, so you'll be happy.

I leave you with a picture on my angel, my baby.
The best thing that has happened to me since Amma, Nandu and chocolate <3

P.S: The yowling cat? Yes, the month yowled out to me like a cat on a wall that has been deprived of milk/fish for a very a long time. If you still don't get it, never mind, my mind works in VERY strange ways.