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18 Sep 2011

A Song And A Sunday

I don't usually make it a practice to post lyrics but this one, Bruno Mars wrote for me. 

Written for my Sundays. 

Written for how much I love the feeling of a full 24 hours of absolute laziness, justified inertia. 

The one single day when my alarm clock decided to shut it's bloody trap and let me snuggle into my toasty comforter and drift back to sleep (the love of my life) to the music of morning rain.
The half-asleep trek upto the night canteen at 11 am when stomachs are rumbling desperately, only to be rewarded with steaming mugs of coffee and the crisp crunch of green Lays as the cloudy mountains guard our blasphemous conversations.

The breakfast at one p.m, the marathon movie/soap sessions, the walking around aimlessly, the bath at seven p.m. 
A day I can forget entirely about classes, life, work, assignments, responsibilities, being proper, political correctness.
A day I can forget about the GODDAMN logbook.

An entire day spent in the exclusive company of the one person I've had the longest relationship with, my bed.

Nothing like it. Nothing ever.

Dedicated to my fellow lazies.

Today I don't feel like doing anything
I just wanna lay in my bed
Don't feel like picking up my phone, 
so leave a message at the tone
'Cause today I swear I'm not doing anything

I'm gonna kick my feet up then stare at the fan
Turn the TV on, throw my hand in my pants
Nobody's gon' tell me I can't

I'll be lounging on the couch just chilling in my Snuggie
Click to MTV so they can teach me how to dougie
'Cause in my castle I'm the freaking man

Oh yes, I said it, I said it
I said it 'cause I can

Tomorrow I'll wake up, do some P90X
Find a really nice girl, have some really nice sex
And she's gonna scream out
This is great
(Oh my god, this is great)

Yeah, I might mess around
And get my college degree
I bet my old man will be so proud of me
But sorry pops, you'll just have to wait

No, I ain't gonna comb my hair
'Cause I ain't going anywhere

I'll just strut in my birthday suit
And let everything hang loose
'Cause today I swear I'm not doing anything
Nothing at all.
(edited version, original from elyrics)

And then Monday looms large -_-

Have a lazy weekend, peepuls.
P.S: The Dragon In The Skin Of A Goat has made MY weekend with all her praise:) To all shoe-fanatics, check out her shoe-post:)
P.P.S: All those who shudder at mush, stay clear of my next post. EXTREME doses of mush ahead.
P.P.S.S: Thank you Sowmya, Serendipity, and Aasiyah for loving me enough to award me. A post about that in the making:) And my apologies to the former two for the delay.