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29 Oct 2011

An Ode To Those Eyes

"The eye speaks with an eloquence and truthfulness surpassing speech. It is the window out of which the winged thoughts often fly unwittingly. It is the tiny magic mirror on whose crystal surface the moods of feeling fitfully play, like the sunlight and shadow on a still stream." 
Henry Theodore Tuckerman

Those eyes.
Did you ever see eyes that made you stop in your tracks?
Eyes that had you transfixed at their beauty?
Ones that were the epitome of perfection?

They transfix you. Cast a spell more powerful than any emotion can.
They make you stare, not a care about being rude. 
Proche de la perfection, they make your heart trip a little.
They make you want to write poems. They bring stories to your head.

You dream of them at night.
You struggle with words, which have never failed you, to describe them.
You think of peacocks, prancing in the rain in full-bodied glory.
You think of that poem-worthy point where the sea meets the sky.
You think of the Afghan Girl.
All the while knowing that none do them justice.

They make you jealous for you have eyes too and they never speak.
They make you bridle with the impatience of not getting the kajal that right every morning.

The blue evades description.
The brown defies depiction.
The lashes challenge all reason.

They express more than anything ever can.
They are animate, they are magnifique.

I have seen it.
I have seen them crinkle when she laughs.
I have seen her fell oaks with a look.
I have seen them mischievous when she makes that joke.
I have seen them cold when she's indifferent.

The eyes just make you sigh at God for creating such beauty, beauty that mere mortals can only pretend to understand.

P.S: The photo is of a classmate:) She has such pretty eyes and even prettier hair. And I saw this picture and knew I had to come up with something of an ode.

Photography credit: Subin Kurian Photography.