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14 Oct 2011

From Diapers To Diaphragms

When I was 8,

1) I thought the lights in the horizon was America.
2) I thought Santa Claus was Amma and wondered how she had time to deliver presents all over the world.
3) I wanted warm scones and jam from the tea-shop the Five Find-Outers and Dog went to.
4) I liked falling sick for I loved the attention. Unfortunately (for me) or fortunately (for Amma), I almost never did.
5) I used to love breakfast. I never skipped it and I always looked forward to it.
6) Coffee made me scrunch my face up in disgust and milk was manna.
7) I longed to have very, very long hair that I could practice intricate braids on.
8) I thought having a boyfriend and kissing him was disgusting and weird.
9) I dreamt of being a rockstar where I was on stage and there were millions of adoring fans screaming for more.
10) I didn't like people who said they hate books.
11) 'Shit' was the worst 'bad-word' you could use (because Grandma gave me a trouncing I'll never forget).
12) I hated the word 'opportunity' for I got 99/100 because I spelt it wrong and resulting-ly lost out on the first rank.
13) I always thought I'd migrate to London for my studies and stay there. Why? I don't know.
14) I didn't like Penelope Pitstop or All Star Laff-A-Lympics, secretly loved Dexter and openly adored Scooby Doo, Disney Hour and Johnny Quest.
15) Babies annoyed me and I loved cookies more than chocolate.
16) I thought brushing my teeth with Rin soap would make them whiter.

Now, that I'm 21

1) I know it's geographically impossible to see America, in parts or as a whole, unless I'm flying over it in a plane.
2) I know Santa Claus doesn't exist except in my irrational hope that he'd get me that Silk Epil from Braun this Christmas.
3) I still do. Even the mention of them takes me to a happy place.
4) I still do :P What can I say, I love it when Amma fusses over me:D
5) The day I have breakfast is when the crow decides to fly upside down.
6) Milk = Egh. Coffee = Life.
7) One, I love well-maintained long hair on other people. Two, I hate normal braids and the damage they do to my hair when I try.
8) Ah well, I can't hate a guy I'm going to marry someday, can I?:P
9) I get uncomfortable and iffy when more than one person looks straight at me.
10) I detest depise pity people who say they hate books.
11) 'Shit' is almost equivalent to 'Hi' and 'Good morning' and a whole new dimension has been added to my vocabulary, over the years, which would give Grandma a stroke if she even had an inkling :D
12) 99/100 is, like, freakishly nerdy. And supercalifragilisticexpialidocious is what I can't spell now.
13) I study right here, in Coimbatore. And London seems as nearby as the moon.
14) It's been ages since I watched ANY of those.
15) Babies turn me to mush like NOTHING else can and life would be meaningless without chocolate.
16) YUCK. What, in fuck's sake, was I thinking?!

Life makes you cynical, the opposite of what you were and mostly grown up.
Don't you think?

P.S: The post has nothing to do with diaphragms but I needed something to go with diapers and that's the only thing I could think of:P
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P.P.S.S: Don't you just LOVE the first picture? Just..LOVE.