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18 Oct 2011

When Karma Is NOT a Bitch

Note: Unusually large amount of profanity used. Thank you.

Do you believe in Karma?
Well, it exists. So you might as well believe in it.
Why, you ask? (Even if you don't, I'll tell you:P)
Well, it was proved to me some time back by no lesser than the Universe itself.
And now that I think of it, It has been proving it to me all my life.

What did it prove, you ask?
The same thing that Newton harped about so much that we hated him for it.
That every action has an equal and opposite reaction.
The same thing that Timberlake realized back in 2006.
What goes around, always come around.
The same thing that Stickychu (roomie) put so aptly.
Shit happens, Macha. Today you stamped on it. Tomorrow they will. (Yes, she has very profound philosophies).

So basically the whole point is that when you do something, say something to somebody, be very careful. Be very, very careful for if you hurt them without reason, if you screw their case purposely and they get genuinely hurt, Karma makes sure it drops by your hostel room and kicks your butt.
The wonderment? (if that's even a word)
Your butt will be kicked almost similarly to the butt kicking you gave.

And what do I infer from all of this?
That when I get hurt or get judged or something i.e when somebody fucks up my case for no fault of mine, I don't have to do anything about it.
I shouldn't fret or fume or cry or go nuts thinking it might just be my fault.
I shouldn't be upset that I can't do anything to make it better because they won't let me.

I should just let Karma bitch-slap them.

Yes, as a result of profoundly-thinking roomies, I have some profound philosophies too.

That's the end of the originally intended post, go away of you aren't interested in reading life updates.

For those of you are still here,
1) I watched a Malayalam movie in the theater. This is my second time doing something like that. And I regret it as much as the first time. Malayalam movies (except a few) are always better watched in the comfort of my bed and laptop.
2) You don't necessarily have to know a person to tell them hairy details of your life, you just have to trust them.
3) Tell me, please, that I'm not the only one who's tripped over a broomstick and fallen flat on her face. For the 100th time.
4) The rains are here and I got drenched after a long time. Sometimes the place, the time, the reason, the goddamn methodology... don't matter. It's as simple as running along like a crazy freak with the widest grin on your face and not giving an ant's bottom of what people think.
5) Somebody PLEASE tell me a way to NOT get motion sick when I get into ANY-GODDAMN-THING that moves. As huge a killjoy as it is to me, it makes the people I love suffer along with me. You'll have my eternal gratefulness.

Yes, I'm random.

P.S: I have a cloud obsession. So next time you look up at the sky and see a cute/funny/fluffy/macho looking cloud, click a picture and mail it to me. Thank you.
P.P.S: OH and BlogAdda picked Public Transport 101 as a Tangy Tuesday Pick!:)