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3 Nov 2011

How To Scare the BEJESUS Out Of A Blogger

First off, thank you to all those who commented on my last post, I haven't published them yet but each and every comment meant a lot. It was a post from the heart and your comments were equally so.
And how can I not mention those who don't read the post and yet comment, thanks guys.


Thanks Prithvi and Arjit for trying to help on Twitter, I still can't reply though.

Moving onto what I really wanted to say,

Here I am, happy me, browsing away to glory and on a blog-commenting spree when suddenly the good folks of Google decide to have some fun with my account and blocked it.

I get a "your account has been disabled for security reasons" out of the blue and guess what happened,
I HAD A goddamned STROKE.

After going through my own version of 127 hours minutes, incessantly complaining about it to everybody who'd listen and trying hard not to annoy him or my BFF (for they have submissions tomorrow), I check back to find it activated and immediately publish a post just to prove to myself and Blogger that I can.

What a relief it is, you have NO idea.
I heart you, Blog.
Don't do that to me again.

How do I back up posts, anyone?