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2 Feb 2012

The Month That Was.. January '12

A month with the family, one long over due. 
A month of the new phone and almost fainting when I got it. 
A month of lots and lots and lots of work but getting nothing done.

A month of not keeping in touch with people. 
A month of questionnaire distribution (oh which is still happening, so if anyone feels like filling up a longass questionnaire for my research project, or have any friends you want to take revenge on, do let me know; you'll be doing me a great service, to say the least).

A month when a person I had admired, a teacher no less, lied to save her skin and fell off the pedestal I had put her on.
A month I learnt the value of being healthy. A month I fell sick more times than I care to remember (by the way, don't be sorry for me, I like all the attention when I fall sick :P)
A month that has made me wonder if people think of me as conceited, brazen, self-assured or over-confident when I'm really the opposite and come across the wrong, wrong way.

A month that started blogging elsewhere anonymously just because I wasn't able to keep up with the expectations I created here. A month I almost closed down this blog and switched to WP because they have an very handy app (you hear, Blogger?) A month I kept thinking twice about why I blog (no, not another blogger crisis) when I have to keep in mind always that the wrong people might be reading it.

A month I decided to let the number game go, but maybe only because I have enough.

A month that came to a close all too soon, leaving me one month less to battle with the demons of leaving my cozy nest. 

January, you have give Ms. 12 a fiery kickstart. Thank you.

February, how YOU doin'? ;)