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18 Oct 2012

Not Love. Na uh.

They walked on either side, hands barely touching, eyes purposely averted. Each lost in the workings of their own convoluted thoughts. Ironically, every thought that flitted through the trapped corners of their minds had one common focal point - the other. As the path they chose seemed to peter out right in front of their eyes, swept left, right and centre by the storm that was ravaging their lives, they were left in its wake helplessly wondering how they even happened on this particular path, that too together.

Brought together by society, bound together by fate, they wondered if love would ever grace their union.

Unbeknownst to them, exquisite Love had already intertwined their lives together... Their hands just needed to inch a little closer. Their hearts, a little more giving. They need to learn to weather it together, to accept the other's support. The perfect ending, already deigned in the minds of higher beings, is them finding the boat of togetherness and the oars of companionship.

To part ways in the middle of the storm was not what was written for them, for they have tasted what it feels like, known what it could be like. And neither would ever feel or be complete without the other ever again.

P.S: This is for Cutlet. I'll never really show you this. But 1) I'm real tired of telling you, there has to be a happy ending. There always is. You need to believe in it 2) You're awesome the way you are. Really. Don't believe me? Ask your friends. And let nobody tell you otherwise. 3) Flaws are good. That's why we're human. Accept them and move past. 4) I like your mommy face :D 5) It's a pleasure to make you smile <3