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25 Apr 2013


....when you get to the office in the morning, there will be someone sitting there waiting to take the mickey out of you and your work and if you are anything like me, justifying prat that I am, you will try and explain to that person why it is important to note that I did exactly what I asked to with the parameters that I was given without realising that that person is too much of a *dash* to even listen to logic.

Then as the day wears on, the little fact that your appraisal went very well and your TL said nice things about you, and seemed to mean it too, is overshadowed by even bigger news that makes you want to puch someone's face off because of the unfairness of it all. And you decide to take the letdown very personally when the logical part of you tells you that was purely a business decision, that they don't love you like you'd like to think they do. That you are just another business unit.

Then you go to sleep and wake up the next morning with resolve and you realise how much you have changed. Changed from the immature, abusive teenager who could not let a thing go without obsessing over it for weeks, months, years even, to someone who can flick it off the shoulder, move on with life and make long run plans to prove them wrong.

And I thought work didn't teach me anything in the past year. Hah.

There, I've joined the billion other people on the planet with workplace grouses.