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8 Jul 2013

Hospital Chronicles #2

I'm very generous with my affections and admiration and you don't have to do much to make me go gaga over you. I almost always find one quality in all people that I don't possess which is enough to make me go wow at them for the rest of my life. Yes, I'm supremely, stupidly naive like that.

But on the other hand, if you lose my respect, it's gone forever and nothing you do can earn it back.

And one of the foremost things you can do to lose my respect in its entireity is to say or do something that indicates that you think girls/women are inferior to boys/men. And if you are a man and you think I am inferior to you, I think it would be safer for you to just stay away. Anything to suggest even the slightest leaning towards gender bias and I'll be forced to think that you have a brain comprised of scat. Bas.

But you know what happened...

I was sitting outside the Gynec operation theatre waiting for news about Mom (it's exactly like it is in the movies). And there were babies busy being born as well, which is kind of a given. SO. This nurse comes out with this baby who's wailing his lungs out and the people sitting next to us jumped up with tears in their eyes, all smiles (exactly like in the movies too). I smiled, despite myself, at the baby who stopped wailing and looked like little angry bird. Then, I heard the grandparents and grandaunt call up the whole world and their uncle and specify that the baby was a boy.

Not that the baby was healthy and the mother was fine (considering the delivery was complicated enough to be a ceasarean). But that the baby was a boy. 

My grandma (who herself has been majorly biased earlier on in life) made a remark about their excitement about the boy, expecting me to go on a rant (as usual) but all I had to say was, "Arey, let them be, they're not educated enough to know the difference and the implications."

I thought it was because I was too busy thinking of other, more important things but later when I thought about it, I felt the same way. Maybe I have grown a tolerant bone in my body.

After being educated and being given exposure to how the world works in the 21st century, if people are still gender biased, they should be shot, military style (just my opinion, the way I feel). Otherwise, I realize, it's not their fault, ignorance is what drives them. 

P.S: I'm not a feminist or anti-men (just the opposite, for I believe women would be lost without men, more on that later), I just don't believe in the crap that parents will be taken care of by their sons in their old age and daughters are a liability because of dowry nonsense, the fact that they leave the mother's house and whatnot. You know that kind of thinking, that's what I'm against. 

P.P.S: A big thank you to all those who prayed for Mom, she's recuperated admirably and is back on her feet *touchwood*. And all is right with the world again :)