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9 Jan 2014

Aggrandize With Gold

I found this quote on Facebook and I have one Mr. Rohith Ramdas to thank for it. It's surprising how you can find these little nuggets of pure, unadulterated perfection when you sift through the wasteland that Facebook has become.

Anyhoo, isn't the quote just perfect? Makes you think about all the flaws you have, all the things that you hate about your past in a better way.

Everyone suffers in life - some more, some less. For some it is the wrath of their Fate or, if you so choose to believe, the repercussions of their actions, Karma. While for others, suffering becomes what they will upon themselves, either creating sadness for sympathy and martyrdom or refusing to acknowledge all that is perfect in their life for the sake of one tiny thing that they don't have.

Either way the suffering is real.
But it goes away. It will go away.

What truly matters is who you become after it.

You can either be that person who is pitied by all, languishing in the throes of sadness or you can choose to become more beautiful for the suffering which has made you better and your history is what defines who you are today.

Which one do you choose?