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27 Jan 2014

The GAH Post

Person: Senior Manager
Age: 30

Key data points: Hot. Does not read fiction because he considers it to be frivolous. Hot girlfriend turned wife. Cool car. Respected. Roughly around five teams working under him including 8 TLs, 5-6 managers. Reportedly earns a pretty penny. So pretty that it probably doesn’t need makeup.

Person: Friend’s Cabmate’s cousin
Age: 24

Key data points: Chartered accountant in Australia. Owns two houses. In Australia, if that wasn’t clear. Reportedly earns a crore a month in Aussie dollars. Footloose and fancy-free.

Person: Another team’s TL
Age: 24

Key data points: Made TL when she was 22. Younger than most team members. Up for promotion again now. Lives in a beautiful apartment in HSR with maid and gym and whatnot. Perfect 32-28-32 figure and is one of those people who looks super perfect in formals.

Person: Classmate from school
Age: 24

Key data points: Assistant Manager of Marketing for a prominent company. B.Sc, MBA, M.Sc and a few more strings that I don’t know of. He earned over a lakh in bonuses even before he was promoted. Model child/model man.

*tearing hair out and running around in circles*