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23 Apr 2014

T - Total Jerks

Have you seen this? 
I have issues with the common men who were interviewed.
Depraved, deplorable bastards.

Bottom line: I will wear my short skirts and LBDs, I will get drunk, I will roam around with my friends in the night, I will get stoned, I will back answer and not be passive or quiet, I will watch porn, I will flirt around, I will have an affair with some guy I find hot, I will do everything and anything that pleases me, I will do everything that I feel makes me happy and lets me enjoy the one life that I have.

We all will. Every last one of us.
We will do everything that you have the right to. 

So unless you are Lord Rama who has lived a ‘perfect’ life (note the sarcasm) without having made one mistake, don’t you fucking judge us or our characters.    

And I dare you to lay a hand a finger on any of us on the premise that I am easy. I will fucking castrate you with shaving blade.

P.S: I know this might be extreme but I have been pushed to my limits by the comments those guys make. They make my skin crawl with disgust, make me feel unsafe in the country I call my own – everyday for 12 years I said “India is my country, all Indians are my brothers and sisters and I love my country.” And I said it with complete conviction. Today, I repent it. I repent being in the same category as them. 

P.P.S: I’m sorry, I’m just so bloody angry right now, I couldn't frame any coherent thoughts or paragraphs that I can use to argue my case. How dare they.