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20 Apr 2015

10 Things You Really Don't Need To Know About Me

Been a long time since I TMI-ed you guys. So here goes nothing.

10> I cannot, CANNOT stand public washrooms. I’d rather hold it in, get UTI and die than tinkle in most public washrooms.

9> The thought of sharing my toothbrush and books with ANYONE makes me want to hurl.

8> I seem to have developed an obsession for all things owlish in the last few years.

7> I am probably the best non-practicing fashion follower ever. As in, I like looking up trends, shades, makeup, hemlines, and whatnot, but retract into being a semi-tomboy in real life. Zero effort goes into picking out my clothes for the day/have a basic skin care routine with products I've used since high school.

6> I hate the heat/summer. I HATE it. I HATE IT SO VERY MUCH. Indian summers are the bane of my existence, clearly I was born in the wrong part of the world.
I love the cold: lower the temperature, the better. I’m in the best of moods when I’m drenched to the bone from riding in the rain or my toes and fingertips are going numb in the cold.

5> I've never been a grammar Nazi; I’ve always made up words whenever I wanted to, chosen a very conversational style of writing, set an informal tone. But I've become 10x more conscious of my own casual writing and that of others since I started editing. My old posts end up making me cringe. Talk about letting a job dictate terms.

6> Considering my obsession with chocolate and related things, it is easy to assume that I have a sweet tooth – I don’t. I don’t like most Indian sweets except Chikki and Ras Malai and sometimes, a stray Doodh Peda.

5> Rice-hater, yo! Only rice I will put in my mouth is Ma’s pulao. Roti-lover all the way!

4> Vegetarian by choice for more than a decade now, and proud of it (despite all the ghas-phoos jokes). My family and friends hate me for it though, I’m sure, what with having to cook both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes for every meal.

3> Not great at it but I love cooking, love shopping for cooking and love reading up recipes.

2> Sucker for photos. I can browse Pinterest for days together and then some.

1> Not a morning person. At all. Never been, never will be, have stopped trying. I envy all those people who can get anything except <brushing, bathing, pulling on a tee and jeans (God help me if I have to work in an org that has a dress code), and running out of the door> done in the mornings. I snooze all the way from 6.00 am to 8.00 am. Doesn’t matter if I’m woken up every eight minutes by my phone, I’ll still rebel and stay in bed just to prove a point. To who, I don’t know.

P.S: Inspired by Kelly :)
P.S.S: I wanted to add some randomness to my About Me page. Hence, the post.
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