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28 Apr 2015


...firang in the theatre,

I’m SORRY I walked in late, I really am. It wasn’t on purpose that I missed the first 45 minutes of Avengers (not out of my mind)... I’m also not a brat, much as you’d like to think that.

My dear Bangalore’s weather decide to crap on my plans, and despite being a big fan of the rains, I do not relish getting drenched to the bone, having my dress stick to my skin, leaving puddles of water in my wake, and sitting in a theatre with centralized air-conditioning. Had I taken a chance, you’d have found it difficult to hear RDJ being cocky over my chattering teeth, aren’t you glad I spared you that?

What I’m trying to say is that I don’t relish walking over your toes to get to my seat or blocking your view of Thor, even for a second, I understand the pleasures of eye candy as thoroughly as any other girl, I swear. So you can stop glaring at me and bitching about me to your friend (you realize I understand English, right?). I promise not to do it ever again to anyone, will you promise not to be so judgmental?

Good talk.