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18 May 2015

Monday Musings #1

I must confess (if you haven't heard me harp about it yet) that I hate Mondays. So considering how foul-mouthed and foul-mooded and foul-just-about-everything I am on Mondays, I thought getting some perspective would be good for the soul. Starting this, what will hopefully be, a series on the blog.

Things that I’m thankful for at this point in my life: 

  • The stability - financial and emotional (hard won but totally unappreciated because I seem to have easily forgotten what it was like to be otherwise)
  • The rains - yeah, they are messy and make my shoes dirty and inconvenient to commute to work and back but I don’t care, I love the weather, they make me happy
  • The company - my brother and sister are visiting this week and going back home at the end of each day to them is lovely, to say the least. I hope they are liking it here as much as I like having them over. 
  • The elephant-printed top - I got it from my favoritest store in Bangalore and I love it, it makes me look good :P
  • The friendliness - Gypsy (my cat) is in a good mood these days, I woke up to her fast asleep on my tummy which is surprising considering how independent she is. 

Couple of things I need to get done:

  • Visit the craft store to get supplies for projects
  • Complete my 30-by-30 list
  • Get a handle on my laundry which has grown at an alarming rate

Have a good week, y’all :)

Edited to add: The gratitude bit was inspired by dear Elly S, I'm sorry I completely forgot to link.

P.S: Linking to Open Slather and I Must Confess
P.P.S: If enough people want to take this up, maybe I can host a linky party.