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25 May 2015

Monday Musings #2

Things I am thankful for now: 

  • Extremely thankful for not having been killed in the ORR traffic in Bangalore. Yet.
  • Salary week <3
  • New red sneakers which are comfy AND effective in preventing my feet from looking like a zebra crossing after an hour in the sun
  • A non-crowded, non-tacky beauty parlor which is not always closed by the time I reach home
  • A completed 101 in 1001 list. About time
  • Consistent weighing scale results. Imma gonna make that scale ma bitch (sorry, trying to stay motivated)
  • The sustained motivation to eat better
  • A wonderful bae who dealt with the madness of three crazy siblings together 
Things to do this week:
  • Visit craft store for supplies (nope, didn't happen last week)
  • Set up work space
  • Cook dinner all five days
Last week of the first half of 2015, make it count!! No pressure, just saying :P

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