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14 Jul 2015

UBC Day 14: Pochemuchka

teacher, teacher.
what is this?
why, this is a watch, little one.
what is a watch, teacher?
it is an instrument that tells us the time.
why does it tell us time, teacher?
because we need to know when to do what no, child?
so we have to listen to the watch?
no love, we only have to keep track of time.
why do we have to keep track of time?
so that we can go home and come to school on time.
why do we have to come to school, teacher?
so that you can learn about the world and everything in it, little one.
how will that help me?
you will learn to live.
if I don’t come to school, I won’t be able to live?
you will be able to live, but you won’t be very successful, child.
but prabhu anna^ didn’t go to school, he still gets to buy ice cream whenever he wants, he gives presents to me and mari amma^^ everyday and drives a fast, red car.
who is prabhu anna?
he is mari amma’s son. amma comes home everyday to help mom wash clothes and vessels.
oh. prabhu anna must be very hard-working then.
can’t I also work hard and not come to school?
err… no, you have to come to school, child, you need to learn the alphabets and numbers and stories and rhymes.
but why? prabhu anna doesn’t know all those things.
*bell rings*
there, run along now, your mother must be waiting at the gate. see you tomorrow, child!

Pochemuchka (Russian)
a person who asks too many questions

^Anna - elder brother
^^Amma - (in this context) respectful way of referring to househelp 

P.S: Nothing like a little innocent curiosity to shake your faith in everything you have been taught to believe in.