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5 Jul 2015

UBC Day 5: Whatchathinking?

7 things that cross my mind a lot
  • What should I eat next?” – regardless of whether I am hungry or not.
  • Where are my glasses?” – I have a lovehate relatonship with my chashme. 
  • Should I buy it? I should. It is useful. No, it’s not. I shouldn’t. I shouldn’t buy it, no? I can if I want to. And I want to. But do I need it. Not really. Why buy it then. I’ll buy it when I need it. But I want it now. Just click on buy..…..” 
  • Where are my clothes?” – no matter how much shopping I do, I’ll never find my clothes and I’ll always end up wearing scruffy black, cat-hair-laden T-shirts to work.
  • Where are my headphones?” – these things are not only evil, they are also most convenient for my cats to chew on. I’ve RIPd five pairs till date. The one I’m using has one wire chewed out. 
  • Where are my cats?” – pricey buggers, won’t come to mamma when mamma gets home, won’t cuddle when mamma needs some loving, but is all over mamma when mamma wants to sleep in. 
  • When did I grow up?” – :O:O:O