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2 Aug 2015

The Month That Was.... July '15

After we got to June, I’ve been very aware of the days passing by, so its no surprise that August is here.

July has been a so-so month. It started off on a not-so-good note that lead to this rant, I’m not going to elaborate or I’m afraid I’ll start off again.

I attempted the UBC Challenge by doing a couple of mini-challenges within and I had so much fun with them :D Only got to post 20 instead of 31 but I love every post, mostly because of the meanings of the words I picked.

Third week of July was horrible. It is so difficult to stand up to someone who is nothing but nice to you and say that you need something done your way. Especially when it means a lot to them as well. Guilt, frustration, systematic degradation of mental health because of the above factors, all coming together to drive me up the wall, leading to my second most severe panic attack (I didn’t know they were panic attacks, I thought I was losing my marbles once and for all). And scarily enough, writing about it doesn’t help,  neither does reading; it scares me to think about what I’ll do the next time (if there is one).

Then the last week swung by, bringing with it sunshine. My personal sunshine that made everything go away and made it all better. I also spent the last couple of months stalking a lot of new blogs, giving me reason to put down a few blogging essentials. Aathira and Sanch gave me blog awards, ones that make me glad to be part of the blogging world yet again.

And top everything off, I just came back from a wonderful weekend with my fun peepals :)

It’s funny how things started on a negative note and ended on a good high.
I've also been more careful with my health than ever last month and I'm hoping to amp things up this month as follow up.
I’m not questioning anything now :P Just going with the flow and welcoming August with open arms.
Ms. August, how you doin’?