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22 Sep 2015


Linking to Jess for #IBOT

I absolutely have no time. I have a full-time job, an event to plan, social commitments, meetings to attend, traffic to fight.....


I took ___________ minutes out of my life today to _____________, because ___________.

  • 60, to re-learn dancing, I used to love dancing so very much.
  • 45, to learn to make quick one-pot dinners, it means so much to him. 
  • 30, to learn how to lift, baby muscles motivate me so much.
  • 20, to talk to an old friend, I can’t obliterate the past/ it is what made me what I am today.
  • 15, to talk to my sister, not being there with her makes me feel terribly guilty/ bonding with her, even over emoticons, helps.
  • 10, to make a quick funny drawing, I like making people laugh.
  • 5, to scribble a quick note to a friend, notes have this way of finding their way back to your life when you need to know that you are not alone.
  • 1, to give Fudge and Gypsy (my cats) a belly rub each, they might be completely independent and pricey, but they still need mamma’s attention.  

What did you do today?

P.S: Point is, lets stop making excuses to not do things that we claim to love. If we loved them enough, we'd find time to do them.
P.P.S: Lesson is mostly for me, I use the I'm-too-busy excuse far too often. Used to, anyway. But if any of you do too, feel free to inhale the gyaan :P