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18 Sep 2015

Today/ Tomorrow.


Full of laughter.
Clanging of pots and pans. 
Chocolate milk and pot roasts
Siblings fighting. And making up. And sharing.
Parents that love. And kiss. And hug. 
Life that is simple.
Hurt that is scraped knees.
Comforters and cuddles.
Late night conversations.
Confetti and dinner parties. 
Hope and school. 
Thin purses. Lots of laughter.
Togetherness that lasts a lifetime.

Held together by the power of unconditional love and the strength of family.


Full of eerie silence.
Chill of loneliness.
Weakness of joints baked in the sun and washed by rain too long.
Bleak corridors left to rot.
Old comforters outliving life.
Washed away color.
Peeling wallpapers.
Hurt that is broken hearts.
Death that takes over all.
Finality. Destruction.
Cherished by none. 
Remembered by few. 

Bowing down to the finality of rust and the weight of memories long forgotten.