101 in 1001

So, I've been wanting to set some goals for myself for forever now. Sanch's and Annie's lists have been huge sources of inspiration and envy and the final push came when I discovered Nish's list. Thus, on a busy day at work (always the productive employee), I finally started. 

Almost all the things in this list are things that I have tried before and failed miserably at. So it would be extra special if I could cross off even half of them. Also, 2016 is going to bring a lot of drastic changes to my life (hopefully). I have tried to keep the expected changes in mind and set realistic goals. Nothing to stop me but my laziness, I think.

Categorization was a problem and I think I have done justice, but if I haven’t, what the hell, I have bigger things to worry about if I need to get this shit done :D

So… here goes nothing!

Start date: May 24, 2015
End Date: February 17, 2018
Last updated: November 23, 2017 

  1. Cash savings of one lakh (3,226INR/m)
  2. Pay off credit cards completely and throw them out of the window [October10, 2016 WOOFUCKINGHOO]
  3. Go an entire month on a >3k budget [x3] (groceries-/food-wise) [The point of this was to make sure I buy groceries regularly, make my own food, and not order in all the time. I'm proud to report that I don't order in all meals even during the weekends anymore. I even eat spinach :O YAYME :D]   
  4. Save 101INR for every item crossed off this list
  5. Collect 5000INR in spare change
  6. Track spending for a month (every last penny) [October 2016, MoneyView app = My Savior]

  1. Complete two challenges [A-Z 2016. #fmsphotoaday September 2016]
  2. Complete one #fmsphotoaday challenge [May 2016]
  3. Push up blog post count to 400 ["I'm Sorry, Harambe", June 1, 2016] 
  4. Zero in on plot for first book
  5. Meet five bloggers [Lioness, Red - 17 October 2015, Sri - 23 December 2015, T and Meghna C - 11 February 2016]
  6. Keep the 365-day journal (like Rosie)
  7. Write 15 short stories (1000-3000 words each) [Miasma/WC1499/June 3, 2015] 
  8. Finish writing my life list
  9. Design a new banner for blog
  10. Leave comments on at least five blogs a day for a month [x3] [June 2015]
  11. Finish #NaBloPoMo [November 2015]

  1. Complete ten Pinterest projects [Bookmark/June 2015, Coffee Body Polish/August 2016, Hummus/September 2016, Guac/December 2016, Mug Cake (under 200 kcals/serve)/January 2017, Dinner Smoothie/February 2017, Cold-shoulder Tee/May 2017]
  2. Have a small herb garden with at least three plant pots (Ginger 
  3. Read 90 books (three Goodreads Year Challenges) [February 2017]
  4. Read at least three classics [Animal Farm - March 2016, And Then There Were None - April 2016, Lolita - June 2016]
  5. Make ten pieces of jewelry for self [3 pairs of earrings/October 2016]
  6. Start dance classes [Not dance per say, but Zumba at Cult be the bombdiggity]
  7. Complete two knitting projects
  8. Read a graphic novel
  9. Doodle on 30 full pages
  10. Make a book cover cover for the Kindle 
  11. Try hand at origami. Make 5 different forms [Crane, December 2017]
  12. Get those damn photo prints made [December 2015]
  13. Join a lending library [Unnecessary. I have enough actual and e-books to last me another two years, thanks to being greedy -_-]
  14. Reach 600 photos on Instagram [April 2017]

  1. Get tattoos two and three [May 10, 2016, April 23, 2017]
  2. Color hair purple and blue [Colored it green, instead of purple - February 2016, December 2017]
  3. Buy Ruby Woo and Pure Rouge. Use either twice a week. [Screw MAC, I found Sugar. And I don't dress like I'm homeless when I go to work anymore]
  4. Complete one #100daysofhappiness challenge [October-November-December 2015] 
  5. Settle all body image issues 
  6. Buy myself the iPhone 6S. Jailbreak it within the month [I did one better, I got the 7 :P June 2017]
  7. Be ready by 8 a.m ten times in a row [x3] [Since end of February-March 2016, I have been waking up much earlier than I used to and I now have this part under control] 
  8. Record 101 unique, non-cliched moments 
  9. Own one luxury brand item [I'm going to cheat and list my phone again for this, it was a huge indulgence and I'm not comfortable spending that much on myself, especially since I'm heading toward a minimal life]
  10. Get cat-eye frames for my nerd glasses and rock them [December, 2017]
  11. Celebrate 15 years of being a vegetarian [I have made my peace, next stop: vegan]
  12. Start hand ring collection [Found absolutely amazing rings on both Amazon and a little Instagram shop with the most gorgeous stuff]
  13. Own 10 unique pendants [Vintage Owl, Vintage Stopwatch, Deathly Hallows, 221B Baker's Street, "My Sun and Stars", Stark Sigil, Lannister Sigil, Targaeryn Sigil, Dreamcatcher]
  14. Get my own corner and desk (preferably vintage). Fix it up [Taking this off, irrelevant now]
  15. Go an entire day without swearing [x10]
  16. Own a pair of sneakers, a pair of stilettos, a pair of boots, a pair of bellies, a pair of flipflops, and a pair of pumps at the same time [Last item to be crossed off: boots, November 2017. Also, never wearing the pumps or stilettoes EVER -_-]

  1. Reach and maintain goal weight
  2. Run a 5k (train for it, woman, train your ass off) [CWDR March 6, 2016]
  3. Go without fast food for a month
  4. Eat two different vegetables a day for a week [October 24, 2016-November 4, 2016 – Cut vegetables from BigBasket = My savior]
  5. Give up soda/forms of soda [Soda-free since July 2015 till December 2015, and again since March 2016 to whenever - I've lost the urge to chug soda]
  6. Use up all vegetables in the crisper before that Sunday [x5] [October 24,2016-November 4, 2016]
  7. Give up Nutella for 365 days [Broke down and ate a mini bottle third week of May, thought I have to start from scratch and realized it HAD ALREADY been ONE WHOLE YEAR SINCE I SAW MY LAST BOTTLE OF NUTELLA <3] 
  8. Figure out if I want LASIK. If I do, get it done [Not a priority under circumstances, taking it off]
  9. Take three early morning walks in Cubbon/similar park [17 June 2015]
  10. Give up chocolate for 365 days (only chocolate, chocolate-flavored stuff are good to go) (second most challenging on the list) [November 2017, not happening, giving up on this, but my addiction is at an all-time low when I'm typing this out, so I'm not going to beat myself up too much] 
  11. Be able to do 30 pushups in a row. Proper ones, not cheaty ones
  12. Drink 3 litres of water a day for a week [x5] [March 7, 2016 to March 13, 2016, April 25, 2016 to May 1, 2016][June 13, 2016 to July 1, 2016] 
  13. Give up dessert for a month 
  14. Follow meal prep plans for an entire week, including weekends [x5] [January] [April] [November 2017, giving up on this because it took too much headspace and I'm beating myself up about it at every meal; I don't want to "have it all" at the cost of my mental health, so now I've given up and simply cook and bake when I feel like. I've to find a way to live with that.]
  15. Sleep before 11 pm every night for a week [x5] [In bed by 10.30 all weeknights. I am so proud of myself. Makes me feel like an aunty as well but it's okay :P]

  1. Buy diamonds for the sister [Mum vetoed this. Ugh. I have started contributing to the siblings-wellbeingness-work in other ways though, so not a complete defeat, this one] 
  2. Make and store a time capsule
  3. Get Ma a new fragrance every month (x31)
  4. Start a Christmas and a Diwali decorations box [On my way to becoming minimalist, this is irrelevant now]
  5. Take mum out to five buffets
  6. Buy Alienware for the brother [Not going to happen any time soon, I'm shamefully taking this off]
  7. Make beef lasagna [x3]
  8. Send at least 5 care packages back home
  9. Call Grandma 10 consecutive Sundays

  1. Do ten Pay-It-Forwards
  2. Make at least 20 donations to CUPA (or a deserving animal cause)
  3. Donate blood five times
  4. Go technology-free for ten weekends
  5. Sponsor a child in Don Bosco, Coimbatore
  6. Surprise three people I like with just-like-that gifts [Sandy - February 2016] [Annae & Sandy - November 2016]
  7. Do a clothes purge after December 2015 (being specific because this is situation-dependent). Donate everything that doesn’t fit. [Not happening. I'll have to wait till I get to my goal weight]
  8. Find out if I qualify and make arrangements for organ donation
  9. Send those messages/write those letters/give those explanations you owe [August 2015, did the one that really mattered and it turned out not bad AT ALL]

  1. Buy the Nikon D5500 with my dream macro lens [December 28, 2016, I'll never forget jumping up and down like a monkey in my wedding gown :P THANK YOU JAMIE <3]
  2. Start freelancing
  3. Learn spoken French
  4. Figure out how Masters is going to happen. Take the first step towards it [No Masters, don't see the point now.]
  5. Take that Creative Writing programme. NOW. [I don't want to. It feels irrelevant at this point]

  1. Finish reading the Bible
  2. Start reading a translated version of the Quran
  3. Go back to OCD org of HDD. And maintain it [February 2017]
  4. Learn to drive. And get my car license (Ridiculous considering I’m 25 but better late than never)
  5. Bungee jump (this is probably the most challenging of the lot)
  6. Bake a basic chocolate cake from scratch (putting in only one because I don’t know when I’ll get an oven) [Nutella Cheesecake for the WIN, 2 October 2016] 
  7. Attend a live concert (preferably Coldplay)
  8. Watch a movie by myself [18 November 2016, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them]
  9. Have one last F.R.I.E.N.D.S marathon weekend. All ten seasons. Then don’t watch any episode till the challenge is over
  10. Attend a comicon to see what the hullabaloo is about
  11. Watch five horror movies without screaming the house down [Grudge, Anabelle, Occulus, Poltergeist, Paranormal Activity 3, Amityville Horror, Insidious: Chapters 1,2 and 3 – survived them. hated them. will have to continue watching them as punishment for choosing to marry someone with an affinity for horror movies. Sheesh.]  
  12. Go to Hard Rock Cafe and Barbecue Nation before I leave Bangalore [February 2017]
  13. Travel to three new places [Delhi - January 2016, Goa - August 2017]
  14. Do an Oscar-nominee marathon before the Oscars [February 2017]
  15. Spend one birthday in a different city
  16. Go ‘clubbing’ before I leave Bangalore. Try and enjoy it [The Sugar Factory/18 October 2015/HATED it but danced the night away knowing its going to be the LAST ever time]

  • Completed
  • Work In Progress
  • Yet to attempt
  • Removed

Wish me luck, guys! :)

P.S: If you decide to make one of your own, comment away and I'll add a linkback to your list here :)