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This is a PR-friendly blog. 
Please e-mail me at priyankajvictor at gmail dot com for a media kit. 



Preferred genres: Fiction ONLY (psychological thrillers, crime, humor, mental health, LGBTQ+, feminist literature, horror, contemporary literature, new adult; selected Indian literature, YA, and literary fiction). I accept ARCs in these genres as well 

Preferred formats: Paperbacks, hardcovers, e-books (MOBI, PDF, or ePUB) 

How it works: 

Please contact me via e-mail or social media (I try to respond within 24 hours) with links to the book’s Goodreads and Amazon pages, along with the author’s/book’s website and the number of pages. 

Kindly allow me 10-15 days after accepting the book (depending on the genre and the number of pages and my life happenings, in general) for the review to be written. 

I’ll be cross-posting it on the blog and on my Goodreads account, also on Amazon, if you so wish). The review format and length will be my own, I will not use any PR content at all, except, maybe, book cover images. I can, however, promise to write a minimum of 250 words even if I did not like the book, with proper reasoning. 


Please send me your book only if you are okay with me stating my actual opinion. I can remove any linkbacks from the review across sites and return the copy issued (hardcopies), if you so choose, but the review, once written, STAYS.   

Review system: 

I appreciate the effort that authors put into writing their books and putting it out there, so my intentions in rating them are to not be harsh but to merely let readers know what my experience has been.  

Wasted precious reading time

Poorly executed

Okay, time pass

Pretty good

  Perfect in every way 

Once I’m done with a book, depending on the format, I either barter it for another one, get store credit with it, sell it, or delete it.


I can write suitably detailed reviews for your product/service if it is in line with the general theme of the blog and my interests, but please note that ALL opinions stated will be my own and PR material will not be reproduced. Shoot me a mail and we can discuss what works best for both of us.


I know that you have the right to your own opinion, dearest reader, and nobody could be a bigger advocate of having an opinion than me. BUT learning how to express it, is something we could all do better at. Please be gentle. 

I reserve the right to moderate and delete comments as I see fit. This doesn't mean that I will not post your comment that says you hated what I wrote. This does mean that I will delete the comment that says you hate what I wrote because I'm a <insert cuss word>/woman/Indian/brown/gay/<whatever you supposedly find insulting>. 


To my readers: 

I understand that you may see me as a credible source of information. So, I promise to add disclosures to every post that is sponsored and offer only those opinions that I truly believe in. I wouldn’t ask you to invest in a book or a toothpaste or a mobile phone that I wouldn’t use myself. Having said that, complete ownership of the product/service lies entirely with the brand. 

Content/IP rights:

All the beautiful images which complement my blog posts are sourced from Google, unless otherwise mentioned or watermarked. I claim no ownership whatsoever to them and link back to the sources wherever possible (my older posts may not have sources; I apologize, this was only a little more than a diary of a teenager then). I thank you – brilliant photographers, meme and gif creators – for having made available your creative work to the rest of us. But if you’re not happy with it, please contact me, I'd be happy to remove it from the blog.

I hold the IP rights to the rest of the blog’s content. I love it that you love my work so much that you want to lift off some content, but if you do, please ensure that you credit me, or link back to the blog/post. Failing to do so is not only illegal but disrespectful and mostly, plain mean. 

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