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19 Apr 2009

the things taken for granted

1) Thank you, God, for giving me a mother who has driven into me a strong passion for books and reading, which has helped (infinitely) in putting me a cut above the general crowd (intellectually) and at the very least, understand what the commentators are saying in a cricket commentary.

2) Thank you, God, for giving me a family who thoroughly understand what it is like to be 19 and unsure, apprehensive and excited about what life has in store and letting me experiment and learn and not stifle me with expectations and traditions.

3) Thank you, God, for the select few friends whom I can talk to about anything and know that they are not going to judge me and be sure that I am getting honesty and nothing else back.

4) Thank you, God, for giving me the capacity to think on my own and arrive at pretty decent conclusions without having the compulsive, overwhelming need to follow the herd into doing things that are becoming for the society in general, but not me.

5) Finally, thank you again, God, for giving me a mother who has inculcated in me a strong sense of right and wrong, an unconditional love for animals, a sound value system, a sense of culture and a unfailing need to achieve, all of without which I would be nothing more than prat who can write passably.