17 Jun 2015

Epitaph of a Writer

from nothing she came, to nothing she returned. 
for there has never been two ways about Dead. 

but the legacy she left, remains. 

8 Jun 2015


She was domineering - 
Interfering in every action, everything word of his. 
Her words were harsh - 
Kindness tiptoed around them and skittered away, 
Scared of the pitch they were said at. 

3 Jun 2015


All for ThreeWordWednesday. 

January 2, 2014

She lovingly cultivated it; planted it just under the calming shade of the mango tree and watered it just right every day. She even talked to it sometimes, shared nuggets of her childhood and hummed her favorite bits of the latest hot number. When the blue and white buds started blooming, she slowly started the process, her natural precision making it easier to craft her masterpiece.