7 Dec 2009


I live in a world where roads are made of diary milk, trees trunks are made of perk with FerreroRochers hanging from the branches. I have Twix bars for breakfast, Mars bars for lunch and mum makes either chocolate cake or brownies for dinner. In the hostel, we get only Toblerones for dinner. Sometimes we have to make do with Milkybars. Sundays are Kitkat days.

The Bounty-cars are faster than the Hershey ones. I joined the melted chocolate swimming pool last week; so much more fun. I got so hungry today morning that I knocked over a bowl of chocolate syrup and bit off the edge of the cheesecake dining table and mum called me Butterfingers n grounded me to my Cadbury room for three days.

I love getting wet in the Snickers rain and I can’t sleep without my Gummibear. Godiva, my best friend, hasa Reese’s pieceswalkway and Twizzlers umbrellas by her liquorice pool.

I completed my assignment on M&M’s and started dreaming about my guy taking me toHershey’s chocolate world.

(p.s: I am not mentally deranged, just have a permanent chocolate craving…a girl can dream, can’t she?
p.p.s: My roomie lives in a ‘pringles’ world.
p.p.s.s:I still have the writing-post-script-for-everything disease)

16 Nov 2009

Exams.... :(

They come. Slowly sneaking up on you, when you are least expecting it.
Like an epidemic..

They have this eerie quality about them...
A quality which renders whole campuses silent.... canteens empty...

Everywhere you look, you see the ones that are affected;
Books in hand,
Feverishly repeating "one bla plus three bla is equal to four and a half bla..." (or some such poop; commerce student, don't mind:P)

Mess halls have lights on throughout the nights,
Coffee is in great demand.

Ten A.M is greatly detested and feared,
Invigilators are treated with a mixture of disdain and false respect.

Some come out with smug faces, trying not to look too smug,
Some have 'flunk' written all over their faces,
While some like me know that they haven't written what they were supposed too but pray really hard for the examiner to have a bad case of cold or a heart of gold (depending on how bad the paper is),

Pens bought and papers read,
No time for the usual leisurely walks around campus amidst the scenery, (4 u Gaya)

Relief at long last!!!
Dancing out the damned hall.... Free at last.
Ah..the sweet smell of the last day of exams;
Sweet indeed.

(p.s: i wish we could just skip to the sweet part directly...sob, sob)
(p.p.s: incase you haven't already guessed, my exams are almost on top of me, ensuring a constant stream of paranoid writing)

29 Oct 2009

For a lifetime...

“Baby…. Like you had Vipul… I had someone one else too…. Aditi”

She kept reading the text again and again like she couldn’t understand English. Everything stopped in time and space. Her nightmare had come true.

“Baby, u der?”…. “V were goin out 4 lik two months, v realized v wer not ryt 4 each other and spilt up.”….”Baby, I’m sry, I shud’ve told u dis b4”…. He kept on sending texts, she couldn’t bring herself to type.

Weirdly, all that was going on in her head was that he had pinky-promised when she asked him if he had had someone back in Dubai.
She knew the actual part of him having an ex- didn’t matter, well, she had one herself, didn’t she…

But it kept rankling with her that he hadn’t trusted her enough to tell her, hadn’t trusted her love for him enough to tell her earlier.
She knew he was freaking out without being able to call her… he’d jus finished all his balance on her.

“Jus go 2 sleep, v’ll tok abt it tom”….. she knew he wouldn’t listen. She lay down looking out of the window hearing the storm that wasn’t there. She thought about why it mattered to her. He had made it clear that it was over, proved again and again that he loved her to bits but it still mattered that her chakkara had said ‘I love you’ to an Aditi before.

The girl who had given her a FB request three days ago.
She probably would know about me and him… our pictures were all over our profiles.
I wondered if she cared. If it mattered.

The rational side told her it didn’t matter. But there was an imaginary hole where her stomach had been.
“I luv u”….. she didn’t reply. She realized she wasn’t being fair. But it would never be the same.

Her phone rang, ‘the stars are holding you, holding you, tonight’…their song…. Seemed like an eon back.
Unknown number. It was him.

She picked it up. “Baby, please….”, “I know I should have told you, I made a mistake”
“I asked you…. Gazillion times”
“Baby, I’m sorry, I thought I’d lose you….. I love you… U know that”
“Baby, say something” His voice broke.
“What do you want me to say”. He hated that sentence and she knew it. She still said it.
She knew he would never hurt her on purpose… he was too giving for that. He loved her too much. But the trust. She cut the call.
Both of them didn’t sleep that night.

She got ready fast in the morning, skipped breakfast and went to the class fast. She didn’t text him.
He came sat next to her. “I’m sorry”. She kept getting visions of him with another girl. She couldn’t look him in the eye.

It was killing him. He was regretting it. She could see it. For the first time since they got together, things were awkward between them.
He said ‘I love you’…. She said it back in her head, he waited.

He was still her chakkara. He didn’t deserve to be punished or hurt like this. Hadn’t he accepted her with open arms with her issues and emo baggage? He didn’t deserve anger or hurt for being honest. She was lucky to get him…. Her other half… almost literally. Few people were that lucky.

“I love you too, honey….”
Both of them were in tears. They knew nothing had changed. Nothing ever would.

Dedicated to Ducky.
U mean the world, baby.

12 Oct 2009

A Mixed Bag

An attempt to profile the typecast ‘roomies’….

The Warrior:
This is the ‘it’ girl…..full of confidence and a burning desire to be in the centre. Achieving is in her blood. Eternally lazy (and no apologies about it) and on the ‘quakative’ side, she’ll do anything for those who she believes are her true friends. With opinions on almost everything, she believes in ‘work hard, party much… much harder’. Also one of the few ones to attract trouble from a mile away and mature beyond her years, this is the kind guys call their ‘best bud’. It takes a LOT to please her.

The Indigenous Indian:
The good one, picking up clothes, books and what-not after the others, is very family-oriented. Runs off home the first chance she gets and has no problem spending ALL her time with the family. The ‘mother-hen’ of the brood and she’s the reason the rest of them make it on time to class in the morning. Anything to be done has to be done IMMEDIATELY. She’s the one you automatically go to for a hug. But don’t you underestimate her; with a tongue razor-sharp, she doesn’t take flak from anybody…. Rub her the wrong way and she’ll reduce you to tears of frustration in seconds.

The Whining Star:
Spoilt rotten by the parents and still living in the 3 century BCE, this one is innocent to the point of irritating. Very methodical but harum-scarum and very clean but untidy, this one gets depressed that the others don’t like her but doesn’t realize it’s her own behavior that’s makes them run for their lives. At some point, you start feeling sorry for her and try to include her in the melee but most of the time the effort ends up blowing up in your own face.

Last, but definitely not the least by ANY means

The Pinksy-Winksy:
The happy-go-lucky one gets into scrapes ALL the time with her spit-fire temper, and trusts easily. The emotional fool has ‘good intentioned’ plans for everyday but rarely do things work out according to the plan. Likes an order to things, likes to be in control…. ‘unexpected’ is her least favorite word. Dreams big, easily pleased and never compromises with core values. Immature and impulsive, she learns things the hard way.

The world is their niche……

5 Oct 2009

The ‘right’ thing to do

In life, how will we know that the decisions that we taken (the ones that matter anyway) are the right ones?

For example, we decide to move to a foreign land with our family on a permanent visa after 15 years of dreaming of it (and quitting a perfectly stable, well-paying and permanent post) though we know that there is no job waiting for us there and nobody even remotely close to family or friends. How do we know if it is the right decision to actually live the dream?

Or we take a decision to pursue something that’s opposite to what we planned for, dreamt of. Change our whole lives based on a hunch that plan A might be better than plan B; how do we know that plan B is what we are supposed to be doing in the first place?

Or fall in love. How do we know that this is the person we are supposed to spend the rest of our lives with? How do we know that we’ll have the same romance, beautiful and lasting beyond death, which our grandparents have? How do we know that it is not the biggest miscalculation that we ever made?

How do we decide to leave behind family and friends when they need us the most, just because we think we can do more for them by leaving than staying and know that is what we are meant to do, rather than be with them?
How can we make sure that we are doing what God wants us to; what he has written for us??

The thing is, we CAN’T know. We just have to take a deep breath, just do it and get it over with…. More importantly, live with it afterward. If we are lucky and have been true to our conscience, the happiness comes. Otherwise, rot in personal hell...

:D Ok…maybe not hell, but certainly with the knowledge of what could have been and what made the difference were the decisions we made.

16 Sep 2009

Uh....oh kay...

Not custard. Not a honey-comb. Not the inside of a mango. Not sepia-tinted or photoshoped.
My neighbor decided to repaint his house.
What, in the name of all that’s holy, was he thinking!!!

25 Aug 2009

'Forever'- Purely fictional.

'Happily ever after' exists??

Like I am being taught, I ask, 'Gimme proof!!'

My pink glasses through which I saw the world has shattered. I can see all the shades of grey that I never saw (or probably refused to see earlier).

But I am happy.

I am at peace.

Home stretch, baby!!!!

26 Jun 2009

Bye, Bye Birdie

My college people called me today and told me that classes are starting a week earlier than expected. And I fell apart completely. Life, as I know it, is officially over.
I am being sent away to hostel (I knew this much earlier, but that didn't stop me from falling apart) and all of a sudden I know how much I'll miss my boring life here.

Ya, Ya, new friends, college and hostel are gonna be fun, too much going on to keep me from brooding over things, activities that I am going to enjoy... bla bla bla. But I can never again act like a dufus and know that my friends don't think I am mad. I can't hoot out loud and let loose and be retarded when I want to. I can't pester mum to make pizzas for dinner or make omelette for Gran and hear her go mmm... I can't even annoy my brother properly again:(

Basically I have to be a grown-up and prim and proper and I am not at all looking forward to it.

P.S: Call me immature all you like but that's not what this is about.

24 Jun 2009


I google-imaged my name and the following came up [of course I ignored the hundred billion pictures of Priyanka Chopra that came up. Ugg, why do I have to share my name with HER of all people (nothing personal, i just like my individuality as much as the next person)]

Does it have anything to do with my personality?? I don't think so. I got another one too...

I think this, I can live with.

The best picture I got was this....

All those who have read or seen 'Angels and Demons' will know what it is. For those who haven't, It's an ambigram said to have been created by a secret society of learned men (who later turn evil, but that's another story) called 'The Illuminati'.

It's cool:)

P.S: Those who have read my previous post know that I am utterly jobless at the moment and hence the 'googling my name' retardation.
P.P.S: On a completely different topic, there is a show called 'Apki Antara' on ZeeTv about an autistic child...its really really good ( a far cry from bright-lip-sticked, garishly-nail-painted, married three times with the blessings of a 237 year old 'Baa' kind of women who keep plotting ways to take over the family wealth). Do watch it.

3 May 2009

It's My Life!!

Unlike other people, my day starts at night. After dinner, I retire to my room (where I am holed up most of the time, anyway) and make the (very difficult) choice from the three options of finishing a library book, watching various females in various serials make liberal use of glycerine or nondifying (unnecessarily) the pc which ends mostly in the system crashing. Finally, I decide to sleep after I get a splitting headache (no matter which activity I choose, this is a regular feature). I set the alarm for 8 and then change it to 7 (I am NOT an early bird or anything, my granny kicks me outta bed if I sleep later than 7.30, literally and I am so not kidding). Then, after contemplating the virtues of my granny visiting my uncle in Kerala, I toss and turn for about an hour (I was an insomniac even before Iglesias) and drift off.

Morning begins with a dream, mostly about me falling off a building (they say early morning dreams come true, but I can assure you that they don’t; believe me, I would know). Then Ma knocks loudly on my door, and I get an instant headache. I realise that there is no point anymore in trying to snooze and get dressed ( I am not allowed to walk around in my nightie even inside home). After finishing the usual ‘dooties’, I go sit in the kitchen, my aim being to get a cuppa’ joe but it invariably ends in Ma making me help with breakfast (read: making me feel guilty about my alleged non-helpfulness with chores by being silent). Breakfast is again a haze of food and a mixed reminder of my shortcomings….

The day passes usually in the following ways:
1) Shopping for stuff, household and otherwise, in Kannan and Nilgiris (I love this kinda day).
2) Going out somewhere entertaining (as can be in Coimbatore). This is also ok cause I like spending time with my family.
3) Starting a book that I have been wanting to read for a long time and finishing it by evening, the best way to spend one’s life if you ask me.
4) Getting stuck in the net. Orkutting apart, I love reading up about new stuff, looking for sites about my favourite movies or books and taking silly quizzes like ‘Are you more Angelina or Jennifer’. This happens once in a way and when it does, it’s a-whole-day phase, and that’s why I dread phone bills.
5) The worst kind of day is when I have to veg out in front of the T.V for lack of anything better to do. If I am lucky, there’ll be a good movie but otherwise I have no other choice but to watch the aforementioned glycerine-using females. Believe me, this is THE worst kind of day.

Evening is the one part of the day I look forward to. We usually play shuttle cock or cricket in front of our place. Even though I suck at both, we have a good time commenting each other and calling someone ‘fancypants’ and stuff. Evening passes in a blur, what with the lamp-lighting and the older people discussing stuff and me irritating Ma with my constant (stupid) questions. Then comes dinner which I usually try me level best to skip. And the cycle repeats itself.

Needless to say, I am DYING for something constructive to occupy my days with:D…..

24 Apr 2009

Left, Right, Left

On 2nd April 2008, I became a major. Legal, in every sense of the word. My uncle wrote me a long mail saying "great responsibilities come with great power" (yeah. u heard it in Spiderman1). But the thing that I was most looking forward to is that I could vote. I really didn't understand how people couldn't be bothered to vote when that is the one GREAT thing that, you, as a citizen of India, could do for your motherland (I know it's kinda dramatic, but I am fiercely patriotic, much to my own surprise- Saare Jahaan Se Achha, Hindustan Hamara).

But now, a year and a half later, I know better. Who do I vote for? The power-hungry, communalism-sparking, doing-gud-only-for-themselves, false-promise-making, revenge-for-silly-things-taking morons?? Why is it that there are VERY few people in this country, who actually care about making a difference? All they care about is getting INTO power, enjoying the years in which they are IN power and then then think about how they are going to STAY in power for the next ruling period. We might as well give up our rights and surrender to aristocracy.

But you know what the worst part is? That it is the one billion of us, Indians, who are voting those morons into power. That is why we have anpad-gawaars ruling us (i.e. biulding multi-crore bungalows with the tax payers' money) while we sit and complain 'Is desh ka kuch nahi ho sakta'. So, I am VERY glad to see that the people have realised that they CAN make a difference, a huge difference, and turned up in troves for the voting. All the channels and parties have a 'youth' target to achieve and I don't think Gen-Y is just going to roll over and die if they don't get results- and fast.

The point is, I have the right to vote and this time,
what I have to say
counts. All you olden goldies who think you have everybody right where you want them, I got news for you- Yeh Hai Youngistan Meri Jaan and WE think with our heads and don't fall for free rice and what-not. You'd better buck up and actually do something for a change or get dumped out unceremoniously.

Ha, I wrote a serious post.

21 Apr 2009

A Tribute to F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Anybody who knows me even remotely will have wondered why I have not yet posted something... anything... on my most 'favouritest' sitcom ever. Joey, Rachel, Ross, Chandler, Monica and Phoebe have been, for a long time now, my constant companions and never failed to crack me up even if its the millionth time that I am watching the same episode. So here goes.

Top 6 Touching Moments of F.R.I.E.N.D.S

(i.e. according to me, feel free to disagree)

1) When Ross and Rachel get together (the first time) and have their first date in the planetarium.

2) When Chandler and Monica get together properly after their fight in the hospital about 'just fooling around' (it's kinda funny too).

3) When Phoebe gives up the triplets.

4) When Rachel sees the home video of their junior prom and sees what Ross was ready to do for her and then goes and kisses him.

5) When Rachel has to go to Paris and says good bye to all of them; its bittersweet knowing that the series ends after that.

6) When Monica and Chandler propose to each other.

[Note to reader: The 'moments' are in random order]

Top 6 F.R.I.E.N.D.S snortables
(u can't but laugh)

1) Ross: You know what? I'd better pass on the game. I'm just gonna go home and think about my ex-wife and her lesbian lover.
Joey: The hell with hockey. Let's all do that.

2) Joey: You don't put words in people's mouths, you put *turkey* in people's mouths!

3) Chandler: [Monica thinks their maid stole her pants and bra] Monica, come on do you really think that she would steal from us, then come back and wear it right in front of you?
Monica: Don't you see? It's the PERFECT crime!
Chandler: [acting as outraged as her] She must have been planning this for years!

4) Rachel: How about for a girl, Rain?
Ross: Rain? "Hi, my name is Rain. I have my own kiln and my dress is made out of wheat." Phoebe: I know her!

5) Joey: [after talking about Chandler being picky with girls] Chandler, I understand you. I mean, this one time, I went out with this girl, she had the biggest Adam's apple!

6) Ross: Because women never like Joey. You know, I hear he's a virgin?

7) Ross: [waiting for Rachel and Monica to come out of the bathroom] Good, good, good. So, is uh, was your moustache, did, used to be different?
Richard: No.
Ross: Oh. How do you, uh, ya know, keep it so neat?
Richard: I have a little comb.
Ross: Oh. And what do you call that?
Richard: A moustache comb.

8) [Ross is about to tell Rachel that he loves her before she leaves for Paris, but Gunther walks up to her first] Gunther: I... I know you're leaving tonight, but I just have to tell you. I love you. I... I don't know if that changes your plans at all, but I thought you should know.
Rachel: Gunther... Oh... I love you too. Probably not in the same way, but I do. And, and when I'm in a café, having coffee, or I see a man with hair brighter than the sun, I'll think of you. Aw. [kisses him on the cheek]

9) Chandler: And by the way, Count Rushmore doesn't exist.

Joey: Oh yeah? Then who's the guy who painted all the faces on the mountain?

10) Rachel: Ok, Joey, we'll do it one more time. Don't forget the rules -heads I win, tails you lose. Joey: Just flip the coin!

Oh, I really love them:)

These are just a few off the top of my head....

19 Apr 2009

the things taken for granted

1) Thank you, God, for giving me a mother who has driven into me a strong passion for books and reading, which has helped (infinitely) in putting me a cut above the general crowd (intellectually) and at the very least, understand what the commentators are saying in a cricket commentary.

2) Thank you, God, for giving me a family who thoroughly understand what it is like to be 19 and unsure, apprehensive and excited about what life has in store and letting me experiment and learn and not stifle me with expectations and traditions.

3) Thank you, God, for the select few friends whom I can talk to about anything and know that they are not going to judge me and be sure that I am getting honesty and nothing else back.

4) Thank you, God, for giving me the capacity to think on my own and arrive at pretty decent conclusions without having the compulsive, overwhelming need to follow the herd into doing things that are becoming for the society in general, but not me.

5) Finally, thank you again, God, for giving me a mother who has inculcated in me a strong sense of right and wrong, an unconditional love for animals, a sound value system, a sense of culture and a unfailing need to achieve, all of without which I would be nothing more than prat who can write passably.

18 Apr 2009

The Important Things

What is this life if, full of care,
We have no time to stand and stare.

No time to stand beneath the boughs
And stare as long as sheep or cows.

No time to see, when woods we pass,
Where squirrels hide their nuts in grass.

No time to see, in broad daylight,
Streams full of stars, like skies at night.

No time to turn at Beauty's glance,
And watch her feet, how they can dance.

No time to wait till her mouth can
Enrich that smile her eyes began.

A poor life this is if, full of care,
We have no time to stand and stare.
- William Henry Davies.

I learnt this poem when I was about eight, with my english teacher explaining it thoroughly (I have to admit, it sounded mostly like bla bla blablah, bla blah, bla blah, then) and making us write Q&A's and stuff; can't say I blame her , she was just doing her job.
But now that I have a few more brain cells (my mother is VERY surprised to hear that and is not able to accept the fact), I can truly understand and appreciate what the poet said about this being a sad life when we don't enjoy the simple pleasures that Life seems to offer.

I din't think I was much of a 'simple pleasures' person with my affinity (and strong partiality) towards Herschey's and Gucci and FastTrack and the like. But as it turns out (inspite of the fixation on The Brands) that it takes very little to make me bubble over with happiness, I hope that phrase isn't totally outdated.

Forced as I was to water my Grandma's VAST garden, I found myself liking it, even enjoying it. I love watching the squirrels flit in and out of the basin to 'steal' the groundnuts that I left there. I also love watching the drops falling of the leaves, reflected in rainbow-colors against the sun. I enjoy throwing a ball so that my dogs (fluffy balls of fur that they themselves are) can run over each other in thier rush to bring it back to me. I love fooling my sister, so that when I do give her the chocolate she asked for, I can see her grin of delight. I love the way I can bring smiles to the faces of people I love just by a simple gestures, the reason being that they love me back just as much.

And before I grow maudlin, I'll say, it took me 19 years to figure this out. But now that I have, I'll always remember what really matters.

6 Apr 2009

The Condemned

What is it with human beings and their penchant for violence -both the 'doing' and the 'watching'? Everywhere I look, I can see people doing gory, ghastly stuff just for the heck of it an other people enjoying wathchin them do it..

A couple of days back, I just happened to see WWE superstar Stone Cold in a movie trailer. The title was 'The Condemned'. I usually am not at all into action movies but this time I decided to watch it as I din't have anything better to do.

It started off in a Guatemala prison, where three war criminals (read: very scary dudes who apparently had tortured and killed more than a dozen people without remorse) were shoved and pushed from their underground dungeon-like cells to another underground dungeon-like cell and egged on to fight with each other where two of them got killed. Apparently this was one of the auditions for participants to a 'reality show', of the same name as the movie, which was thought up by a largely successful (stark looney, i call him) film & t.v producer. All the contestests have profiles like the aforementioned, complete with life-sentences in Third World prisons). There is an English soldier, two Americans (one of whom is Steve Austin), a Mexican, a Guatemalan, an arsonist couple from Spain, a Japanese hitman, a Venezuelan, and a couple more guys from God knows where.

Anyway, according to the game, these people are dropped from a helicopter onto a deserted island somewhere in the Pacific with thier feet and hands shackled and a bomb tied to their leg (which has two modes of detonation: one is by pulling a red tag where you self-immolate and the second where you try to take the bomb off your leg and and it goes boom; how ingeniously evil is that). The objective, apparently, is to be the sole survivor on the island at the end of thirty hours which means that one has to kill the other nine. The 'best' part is that all of this is directly streamed to the internet (live feed from about a million cameras set up earlier by the producer and his crew on the God-forsaken island) where a person has to pay 45$ to 'catch the action'. The guys in the video control panel actually said things like,"Yes" and "That's what I'm talking about, baby" when a guy falls from a helicopter straight onto a spike and when the Brit rapes the wife and pulls her red tag in front of her husband, while breaking both his kneecaps. And all this, only in the beginning.

It was horrible... with people, human beings like you and me, fighting and killing each other, this time for dear lives. I mean, I know it's a movie and all, but then it grossed me out. Big time. But I still kept watching it. When the sick producer was questioned by a reporter, he said people love watching violence and he was aiming at TRP's higher than the American Superbowl (more than 40 mil as it turns out). To this, the reporter faced the audience and said, "I don't feel outraged or shocked anymore... I feel ashamed. I feel ashamed and disgusted that we, the people, enjoy seeing stuff like this and have made him do such a thing" (or something to that effect anyway).

My question is, is that statement true? Do we, as a species, like to see others suffer, like to watch sensational stuff, not caring about the blurred line between the barely decent and the outright indecent?

If this is so....then we live in a sad, sad world.

29 Mar 2009

Women in Modern India

Long time since my last post and hopefully I can be regular now (as I regularly keep hoping).
The title sounds ominously 6th std essay-ish but I couldn't help it. A gazillion, trillion tonnes has been said and discussed on the subject but, at the risk of sounding like a feminist (which I am not, at least not entirely), I can't resist adding my penny's worth and giving it a whisk.

The thing I am going on about is the Shiv Sene incident of the recent past. The incident has been analysed enough but what I am surprised (n more than a little worried) is about the attitude of the women/girls themselves... half apparently don't think it's shameful to be treated like cattle in this day and age and the other half think the girls deserved what they got.

I asked my mother what she thought and she, without mincing words, said that though the group or it's hooligans had absolutely NO right or excuse going around hitting women of respectable(?) families in public (for which they should be flogged in the same public), the girls also should have thought twice before going to a pub, wearing haute couture which are designed expressly for the ramps and guzzling beer like truckers....and THEN crying 'Wolf!'; that is just not done and I think she has a valid point.

I happened to be discussing the incident with a guy friend and I thought, he is educated, he'll see what the deal is. I was sadly and badly mistaken. Education doesn't apparently have logic in it's curriculum. He was of the opinion that what the group was doing was very correct and that's how the 'errant' girls should be dealt with. I asked him irately if he would have the same opinion if it had been his sister or his girl. He backed off. It is easy to blame faceless people but that is not the solution in a million years.

Before I actually start rambling, I ll say that India is just not ready to be westernised just yet and girls should think twice before trying to ape other countries (more for their safety than anything else) or just go ahead and do what you want to if you can, and only if you can, take full responsiblity for the consequences. There are a lot of weirdos out there who will take pleasure in hurting us. Lets not give them any more ammunition than they already have. As to the fools who did this and those who think they are right.... You are pathetic, nikle Bharat ki shaan ko bachaane, aur kiya uska apmaan. Pathetically pathetic.