26 Nov 2015

Fractured Hearts

Did you know that this decrepit phone that lies in a corner of this desk drawer was once the most cherished object in a pretty girl’s purse?

19 Nov 2015

Getting Quoty

There was a quote challenge tag that was going around some time ago, right. Soumya and Keirthana were nice enough to tag me in it. Taking this up now when I'm fast running out of things to say :P

18 Nov 2015

You Are What You Read

Clearly I suck at titling my posts. Bah!

No points for guessing that reading is primarily what will make you a better writer; unless of course, you were born with a vocabulary as vast as the Grand Canyon and an imagination as vivid as the Aurora Borealis.

17 Nov 2015

Life On My Instagram

To say that I have replaced all forms of social media with Instagram would not be a lie. I actually went so far as to delete my Facebook app on the phone. But when I post there, half the story behind the picture is lost because I do not like captions that are too long. So I thought I'd do a roundup here and tell you the little story behind some recent pictures and some old favorites.

16 Nov 2015

Prank Mailery

Background: One of the biggest lessons I learnt from my first job – anyone who leaves their PC/ laptop unlocked is in for a world of embarrassment because there are few ways to save face when your boss gets your resignation letter out of the blue/ the name of your crush gets outted to the rest of the world. I'm proud to say I have an unbeaten record of being mail pranked only twice in my almost four-year-old career and I'm also proud to say that I write the craziest mails. I carry this tradition to my next job, here is a sample piece of something I sent last week.  

13 Nov 2015


Written for the Tata Motors contest on IndiBlogger

There is this woman.

Miss Ranty Ranterson is Back.

Open Blogger/Wordpress, create an account, start a blog and BAM! you are a ‘writer’. Yes, it is that easy these days. Despite having written creative content for a couple years as a paid writer for an e-commerce company (not that that makes me any kind of authority on anything), I still shy away from calling myself a writer (of any sort) because, in my head, writers are Hemmingway and Rowling and Gaiman, and I’m not in a five-thousand mile radius of the genius that makes up their work.

11 Nov 2015

99 Truths

Yes. I will take the cheaty way out sometimes and do cheaty posts like this. And I refuse to feel guilty about it.

9 Nov 2015


This is a random post that is slightly ranty. One that doesn't have a specific point to it. I wanted to talk about my babies, that's my excuse. There, forewarned is forearmed.

So tell me, are you a cat person or a dog person?

6 Nov 2015


Don’t you love ^that word? 
I do. 

3 Nov 2015

Momentous Moments

I was terrified of change. Till I grew up and embraced change with both arms and legs. For change alone can alleviate the boredom that my controlled life frequently descends into. Are you laughing yet at the oxymoron? But that IS what I am, I have realized. I love adventure, but I hate unpredictability. I love shifts in pace but hate chaos. I love … well, this is not about how I am bundle of contradictions, is it?