27 Jan 2016

26 Jan 2016

Ah, there. Republic Day is over. We have done "due diligence" - watched the parade, hoo-ed and haa-ed over how far our country has come, updated our Facebook status detailing our strong patriotic feelings/ being proud of our Nation, and pretended that we give a shit about the Armed Forces on this one day. Now, can we pick up all the National Flags that are being trodden upon, please??

22 Jan 2016

Testers of Patience

The next person to ask me how “married life” is “going” or why I don’t look any different now (sorry that I’m not sprouting the horns or the extra head that I am supposed to) is going to be treated to an hour-long lecture on the ways to exercise self-control when the urge to ask stupid questions surfaces.