3 May 2009

It's My Life!!

Unlike other people, my day starts at night. After dinner, I retire to my room (where I am holed up most of the time, anyway) and make the (very difficult) choice from the three options of finishing a library book, watching various females in various serials make liberal use of glycerine or nondifying (unnecessarily) the pc which ends mostly in the system crashing. Finally, I decide to sleep after I get a splitting headache (no matter which activity I choose, this is a regular feature). I set the alarm for 8 and then change it to 7 (I am NOT an early bird or anything, my granny kicks me outta bed if I sleep later than 7.30, literally and I am so not kidding). Then, after contemplating the virtues of my granny visiting my uncle in Kerala, I toss and turn for about an hour (I was an insomniac even before Iglesias) and drift off.

Morning begins with a dream, mostly about me falling off a building (they say early morning dreams come true, but I can assure you that they don’t; believe me, I would know). Then Ma knocks loudly on my door, and I get an instant headache. I realise that there is no point anymore in trying to snooze and get dressed ( I am not allowed to walk around in my nightie even inside home). After finishing the usual ‘dooties’, I go sit in the kitchen, my aim being to get a cuppa’ joe but it invariably ends in Ma making me help with breakfast (read: making me feel guilty about my alleged non-helpfulness with chores by being silent). Breakfast is again a haze of food and a mixed reminder of my shortcomings….

The day passes usually in the following ways:
1) Shopping for stuff, household and otherwise, in Kannan and Nilgiris (I love this kinda day).
2) Going out somewhere entertaining (as can be in Coimbatore). This is also ok cause I like spending time with my family.
3) Starting a book that I have been wanting to read for a long time and finishing it by evening, the best way to spend one’s life if you ask me.
4) Getting stuck in the net. Orkutting apart, I love reading up about new stuff, looking for sites about my favourite movies or books and taking silly quizzes like ‘Are you more Angelina or Jennifer’. This happens once in a way and when it does, it’s a-whole-day phase, and that’s why I dread phone bills.
5) The worst kind of day is when I have to veg out in front of the T.V for lack of anything better to do. If I am lucky, there’ll be a good movie but otherwise I have no other choice but to watch the aforementioned glycerine-using females. Believe me, this is THE worst kind of day.

Evening is the one part of the day I look forward to. We usually play shuttle cock or cricket in front of our place. Even though I suck at both, we have a good time commenting each other and calling someone ‘fancypants’ and stuff. Evening passes in a blur, what with the lamp-lighting and the older people discussing stuff and me irritating Ma with my constant (stupid) questions. Then comes dinner which I usually try me level best to skip. And the cycle repeats itself.

Needless to say, I am DYING for something constructive to occupy my days with:D…..