7 Dec 2009


I live in a world where roads are made of diary milk, trees trunks are made of perk with FerreroRochers hanging from the branches. I have Twix bars for breakfast, Mars bars for lunch and mum makes either chocolate cake or brownies for dinner. In the hostel, we get only Toblerones for dinner. Sometimes we have to make do with Milkybars. Sundays are Kitkat days.

The Bounty-cars are faster than the Hershey ones. I joined the melted chocolate swimming pool last week; so much more fun. I got so hungry today morning that I knocked over a bowl of chocolate syrup and bit off the edge of the cheesecake dining table and mum called me Butterfingers n grounded me to my Cadbury room for three days.

I love getting wet in the Snickers rain and I can’t sleep without my Gummibear. Godiva, my best friend, hasa Reese’s pieceswalkway and Twizzlers umbrellas by her liquorice pool.

I completed my assignment on M&M’s and started dreaming about my guy taking me toHershey’s chocolate world.

(p.s: I am not mentally deranged, just have a permanent chocolate craving…a girl can dream, can’t she?
p.p.s: My roomie lives in a ‘pringles’ world.
p.p.s.s:I still have the writing-post-script-for-everything disease)