31 Jul 2015

28 Jul 2015

Blogging 201

After my last post on blogging etiquette (that is still relevant to the blogging world, surprisingly), here is a compilation of little good-to-knows to help any floundering newbie bloggers out there. God knows I could've used a post like this when I started out :P

27 Jul 2015

There is a weight on your shoulders. It came upon you while you were busy growing up too soon and it is still there. Your support system has been more than great, so despite the weight of the weight, you have dealt wonderfully; you live life being relatively happy.

2 Jul 2015

UBC Day 2: Things to Say, Words to Speak.

The previous post is clodding my space with negativity, I wish I hadn’t ranted now. Also, I’m travelling for the next few days. But I’m determined to complete the UBC challenge this time around. So I’m taking the easy way out and hiding behind this mini challenge. I mooched the challenge itself off Google (where else!), added a bit of color, and changed up one of the points BAM! I have ten days worth of posts, yo!! I’m patting myself on the back for this one (when I’m not busy feeling guilty for resorting to a challenge, that is). So here goes nothing, I hope y’all find this as interesting as I did writing it :)

Also, anyone who wants to take it up, or parts of it for that matter, please do!

1 Jul 2015


What a start to my UBC attempt. Edited to add: Linking to Monday Musings

I have never written about my beliefs, religious, social, or anything else, before on my blog. I have pretty strong opinions, ones that might offend certain readers’ sensibilities and while I really could give two hoots about those who take personal offense at things said on social media, I do care about not having long drawn-out arguments with people who aren’t capable of logical thought. 

That said, here begins the rant of the century arising from feelings of disappointment and disillusionment on multiple counts, the reasons for which will be apparent to you shortly.