15 Jul 2015

UBC Day 15: Backpfeifengesicht

  • You on the shmancy bike. STOP CUTTING ME OFF just because I’m a girl. My bike is one old thagaradabba* anyway, so don’t push your luck, I might just decide to put a dent in your fancy fender.
  • Wait in line, you muckface. I’ve been waiting here for the last ten minutes and I have just as important things to do as you do. 
  • The waiter is not your personal servant, smart guy. You are paying for the food he is bringing, does not mean he has sold his soul to you. Treat him with respect, instead coming across like a dirtbag. 
  • I don’t care if you are pretentious. I care when pretentiousness crosses over to compulsive lying. Especially on a blog. Leaves a distaste, it does.  
  • Dear inbox-er, did you just send me the link of your charity that has your name listed as a founding member to get me to accept your friend request? It is wonderful that you believe in your cause enough to do something about it but bro, leveraging it with girls is...low.

Backpfeifengesicht (German)
a face badly in need of a fist

*thagaradabba - tin box/decrepit

P.S: Posting all pending words on one day, but dated the right days to avoid confusion.


  1. I relate to the shmancy bike, though they cut me off because I'm a "pedestrian". I've been knocked down by an Omni who came dangerously close to the footpath :/ Yes. such faces desperately need a fist.

    1. :O take a picture of its plates and tweet to the Bangalore police. They'll take immediate action.

    2. :P if it happens again, and I hope for my sake it doesn't, I'll definitely do that.

  2. i think traffic regulation in chennai is much better compared to other cities,wide roads and strict traffic police(2010).i dunno how it is now.but the traffic in hyderabad is nightmare,people drive in wrong direction and people around support such behavior where as in chennai, you will find people rebuking motorist who drives in wrong direction.once i was hit from back by a biker driving in wrong direction and my leg was bleeding,people around told me 'he din't see and happened by mistake' you will find such rogues only in hyderabad who needs bullet from a gun in the leg not a fist on face,coz they are too thick skinned.

    waiters don't expect respect actually,they are happy when you pay more tip even after paying service charge which is illegal. i think waiters in restaurants these days are very arrogant,i dunno how many reviews i have written on zomato about their rudeness.

    1. True that. Traffic in India itself is so disorganized. I could go off on yet another rant and still not get anywhere. No respect for other motorists and no regard for traffic rules AT ALL, two things which could actually solve traffic problems :(

      Would it be arrogance or insecurity that they are the "servants"? Because waiting tables is not a very "respectable" thing to do in India no?

    2. its not insecurity,its laziness and attitude to get free money without working hard.you will find this attitude from autowallahs to house maids to waiters.everyone gives us a reason that inflation has hit them alone and we are from another planet.economic inequality is there from lower middle class to higher middle class and their expenses are equally distributed according to their life style.so people can't term economic inequality to excuse their attitude.


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