11 Jul 2015

UBC Day 11: 'Fess Up!

One confession

The last post in my challenge within a challenge. As much as I want to pat myself on the back, my over-active conscience holds me back. After racking my brains on what I can confess to over here (suddenly I'm very conscious of the fact that this blog is a very public space) and get away with the least consequences, I have decided to do a little build up rather than a confession, per say. 
So here goes.

My life the way I know it is officially going to be over by the end of 2015. 

Take that and run with it :P

I’ll see y’all tomorrow with another (hopefully) interesting challenge(if I can manage it)/post. Thank you for sticking around, peeps. As always :)


  1. Peev ee... I know exactly what you mean! *Goosebumps*

  2. Ah. OK. There is still time. 5 months and 18 days or so. :P Hope friends from your life as it is now will survive the D-day ;)

  3. What what? *stares about like a deer in the headlights*. I don't get it, some one tell me what it is! Now!

  4. There's no end unless there's a happy end & a cool beginning!
    Cheers for something great coming our way :)


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