31 Jul 2015

Counting Chickens Blessings

Things that I am thankful for this week

  • For a nice couple of weeks at work; not too hectic, not completely jobless
  • For my derelict, decrepit Activa never giving up on me/ leaving me stranded in peak time traffic *touchwood*
  • For a temper that ensured the return of my brother’s mobile from the service center
  • For Fresh Menu and their beyond-amazing salad dressings 
  • For having the will to work out regularly (though the scale is not moving a centi milimeter -_-) This is a huge deal considering how anti-getting-sweaty-and-icky inconsistent I am
  • For the patience someone important recently had/has with me
  • For life (after hearing what dengue did to a family) and the good health of everyone I care about (two things that we I always take for granted)
  • For the sense and the chance to try and reconnect with a lot of people who I chose to break ties with (for various reasons that seem silly now)
  • For being able to get excited about whale tank tops :D
  • For having expanded my blogger friends circle 

Some eye candy always helps.


  1. Sounds like you had a great week! Thank you for adding your post to our #GratitudeCircle linky. Can't seem to find your comment on either Vidya or my posts though. Hope they didn't go to spam!

    1. Thank you, Corinne! :) I commented on Vidya's post, its right there..

  2. Thankful for that work easiness too. It helps. :)

    Temper huh? * going to stay far away from that *

    Have missed my morning walk since a month or more now :P (Hopefully, maybe from tomorrow, I might get back :D )

    I too am thankful for the patience that has been shown with me.

    Trying to reconnect with a few friends, but yet to know how that'll work out.

    Whale tank tops? Not heard of them. Sounds cute though (saw the pic, and looks cute too).

    You're at BAR? How nice. Maybe someday, I'll join in there too :D

    PS: Would you, pretty please, with cheese on top, share the cheescake cups? O:-)

    1. Start those walks I say!! What is this :O being so lax and all.
      Lol, let me extract real cheesecakecups from Vidya, first, then I'll *consider* sharing :P

  3. Forgive me for I couldn't remember anything beyond Bradley Cooper's face! I'm thankful for reading this post more than anything today :D

  4. That's lovely. Your whale tank top is so cute. :D I think I will take up this one too.

    1. Please do, its fun, N :) And heehee, thanks, the whales be so goddamn cute :D

  5. Replies
    1. heehee... a tanktop with little whales on it :P

  6. Wow! That was a good one! I will come over to share cheese cakes ;)
    Happy August to you! :)
    And yes - glad to connect on another social network :)


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