2 Jul 2015

UBC Day 2: Things to Say, Words to Speak.

The previous post is clodding my space with negativity, I wish I hadn’t ranted now. Also, I’m travelling for the next few days. But I’m determined to complete the UBC challenge this time around. So I’m taking the easy way out and hiding behind this mini challenge. I mooched the challenge itself off Google (where else!), added a bit of color, and changed up one of the points BAM! I have ten days worth of posts, yo!! I’m patting myself on the back for this one (when I’m not busy feeling guilty for resorting to a challenge, that is). So here goes nothing, I hope y’all find this as interesting as I did writing it :)

Also, anyone who wants to take it up, or parts of it for that matter, please do!

10 things I want to say to different people right now

  • We know what we want, can we PLEASE just throw caution to the wind?
  • The more I get to know you, the more I like you as a person, the more I’m getting to learn :)
  • How did you manage to stay together for a decade (according to my calculations) :O I’m impressed! And respect!! Also, I’m horribly jealous of you, not that I have reason to but I am.
  • Love yourself a little more, you are not as bad as you make yourself out to be. 
  • I used to love reading you. 
  • Having an interesting personality is more important that having a great skincare routine. Past time you realize that.
  • I’m scared to get to know you, because if we don’t get along, both our lives are going to be difficult.
  • I’m sorry I’m being selfish now but I need this at this point. But remember that you’ll come first. Always. 
  • I wish you would realize how idiotic you sound when you say you bought it because it was expensive.


  1. I am so copying your challenge. :) :)

  2. I honestly hope you never say that fifth point to me :P

    Though if I were one of the different people, the 2nd or the 4th seems more plausible. ;)

    Nice post. So you're scheduling the ten days so you don't miss while traveling? Cool.

    1. Not unless you do the things I told you about :P

      This is so much fun :O I get to post everyday without worrying about it :O

  3. This is awesome.
    "used to" ? That's heart breaking. Tell me, where I went wrong. :D
    I know the last one is for me. Thank you. :P

    Did you say travelling ? Is it this weekend? Because bloggers meet . Was hoping you might join.

    1. Awww, not you AK, not ever :)
      Hahahaha, yes yes, I'm proud of you for being you :)

      Didn't make it, did I :( How was it?

  4. Wow, cookie made an impression that this was about a splendid mouth watering recipe :P
    Sorry for that my love for food does that :P
    Interesting statements, the fourth one seemed an advice to me!
    Something we need to hear time to time.
    I hope the 10 people know which line is for them.
    Very nice challenge.

    1. Hahahaha, issokay no need to apologize, I feel ya sistah!
      If it did, take it :) Don't be so hard on yourself :)
      I don't think they will :/

      Thanks :)

  5. Can you please tell me about this challenge?
    UBC stands for?

    1. So UBC stands for Ultimate Blog Challenge: more details here - http://www.ultimateblogchallenge.com/

      I took up this mini 10 day challenge to make posting easier in the beginning of the month when work and travel threatened to disrupt my everyday posting.

  6. Hey! it was quite an interesting challenge. :D
    Will definitely give this a try.

  7. Now you left me wondering who's who. Anyway, this challenge sounds fun :)

  8. Its lovely... wish I can be a part of ur world of friends


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