7 Jul 2015

UBC Day 7: MeBeLuckyBum

5 people who mean a lot to you
(Imma gonna leave family out of this because OF COURSE they mean the most. Doh.)

  • Saandyaaa – can’t wait to get you back and call you a twerp to your face :P I love what a good child you are, at the depth of your convictions and beliefs. 
  • Annaemi – why are you so nice to people? How can you drive so well? Where is that confidence to wear whateverthefuckIwant coming from? I love that you are a study in contradictions.
  • Typo Manohar – you make me wonder how we have known each other only two, going on three years. Champ, you are, especially when you sing “All About The Bass” :P I love how funny and open-minded and well-read you are. 
  • Flipkart team – you’ll always be family, regardless of anything that has happened. I’ll defend y’all to death and I’ll be grateful to have met y’all. Manjeeta, special shoutout to you. You be awesome and you know I love you.
  • Jamoose – how to drive a person mad enough to tear their hair out and be so wonderful that they can’t stay mad, yeh koi aapse sikhen. To more Castle, more who-uses-the-phone-more arguments, more pretend-reading on the Kindle, more squeezy-squeezy, more us. P.S: Still haven’t forgotten “grey tumpe bohot accha lagta hai”, by the way, kaminey insaan :P


Go on, you can say it.