10 Jul 2015

UBC Day 10: Feeding the Soul

2 places on your wanderlist
(Only two?)

I HAVE to see the northern lights before I die. I just have to.

Igloo village, Finnish Lapland.
May be overrated, may not be everything I want it to be, may not be even close, but I still want to see this POV at the Times Square.

Times Square, NYC
The world is waiting for me, it is waiting 
with all its nooks and cozy corners,
Cold icy winds and warm beaches.
Scintillating cities and expanses of deserts.
Smiling strangers and hostile extremes.
Lights and pitch darknesses, vibrant life and quiet, unchanging days,
Colors and grey. Complicated metrorails and simple teepees.
How the life of a wanderess calls out to me, 
tugging at my heartstrings,
feeding my wanderlust.
How I fall in love with mere pictures,
Daydreaming and wondering if they are not too good to be true. 
One day, I will walk till my destination, 
And then keep walking until there is nothing left to see.
One day. Some day. 


  1. " I am in love with the cities I have never been to and people I have never met"-- John Green. This pretty much sums it up all.

    Someday you will... Inshallah.😊

    1. One of my favourite wanderlust quotes :)


  2. If you're going to the igloo village anytime soon, I might accompanying you on the journey. Looks wonderful. :D

    I'll swap New York for Greater Manchester though ;)

  3. Beautiful poem I can relate to it. Both the places you mentioned are on my wanderlust list too.

  4. Visiting NYC time square is my dream too!! Loved the way you have expressed your desire to travel. You awakened the dormant wanderlust in me:)

    1. I'm glad, CT :) Wanderlust is wonderful lust to have :D

  5. Interesting post.I am trying to write this type blog.

  6. And I hope that day comes soon for you :)

  7. NYC is amazing as hell, you will truly love it there... Northern lights is on my list too and hopefully will see it in the coming years (fingers crossed)... The second place for me is Venice. There is something about that place, that has me in awe. I wanna go to a month long vacation to Italy with my Love...

    PS- Its lovely knowing you through this 10 day challenge :D

    1. I'm already jealous of you :D
      Venice, yes :')
      I want to cry at just the number of places on my list -_-
      Ooooh, I hope that happens sooner than later!! :)

      P.S: Thank you for reading! <3

  8. With no intention to enrage or make you cry - Google Plitvice Nationalpark, Croatia and look up the images.

    Thank me later :D

  9. Wish you see that one day soon :)
    Lovely northern lights. and a nice wanderlust list

  10. Can you please take me on that trip to northern lights if you get a chance before me? Please, pretty please?

    1. Come off, we shall backpack through Europe to watch the Northern lights together :)


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