12 Jul 2015

UBC Day 12: Razliubit

Note: Another challenge to help me sail through UBC. I got this idea when Leo asked me for a prompt for APEDI have always been fascinated with words in other languages that do not have direct or accurate translations in English. Here, I am picking 10 words from random online sources that have absolutely delightful meanings around which I’ll try to weave a mini-story each day. Let me know if I'm doing justice. 


One morning, I woke up on my side of the bed, looked over at the other side, and I saw a stranger. 

All that baggage that comes with a marriage that has lasted over two decades fell away. Somewhere along the meandering path of a childless, career-driven marital life, we had forgotten why we had seen a soulmate in the other. Memories were strewn over the long journey like stardust twinkling in the midnight sky on a moonless day; they stood out in stark contrast only because everything else was inky black and devoid of emotion. 

In a fleeting moment, the sunlight sneaking into the spartan room inspired me, filled me with the need to feel alive again. 

I woke him up and told him that I wanted out.

to fall out of love, a bittersweet feeling 


  1. Not the way to be woken up. You should have let him down easy, Cookie. :P Maybe done it over coffee.

    1. In my head, he deserved it. He should have paid more attention to the marriage, no?

  2. Oops, but then again it's the best way to start over when there is no love there.


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