14 Apr 2011

I just found out that singer Chitra's only daughter, Nandana (9), died of drowning.

A young life snuffed out before it could even start.

For what it's worth, my condolences.
 God give her parents the strength to bear this. 

p.s: I feel about >this< small for making a fuss about not having my favorite food for lunch and throwing a tantrum about that dress I wanted.

The IPL. Hmph.

I don’t like the IPL.

Before you decide to write me off as an airhead who doesn’t know squat about cricket but is pretending to just because it’s the ‘in’ thing (oh believe me, a whole post dedicated to that is coming up), listen to my reasoning:

One, all my WC champions (OH YEAH BABY, WE WON!!!) are split into different teams and I can’t choose which one to support. Annoying.

Two, ‘buying’ and ‘selling’ players? Really? I do not care to elaborate on that except that it reminds me of times when goats were traded. Mind you, it might just be that I don’t understand how it works.

Three, THE Cheerleaders. I’m not lesbian and I don’t see any male cheerleaders. I think that’s taking sexism to a whole new level.  Need I say more?  

Four, I’m torn between supporting CSK (the ‘unda chorine nanni venam’reasoning) and the Kochi Tuskers who have Sreesanth (which makes my life very difficult, since I spent half the WC time abusing him in no uncertain terms).

Lastly and closely related to One, I do not like India being divided into separate teams; it’s against the spirit of cricket in India where we all come together to swear and go ballistic at a dropped catch and go wild at a wicket or a six. Cricket is religion and sub sects just make it complicated, pointless and sometimes plain stupid.

Cricket is much more than just entertainment, which the IPL has reduced it to. 

Bleed ONLY Blue.

P.S: To prove my point, last time the IPL happened, there were several suspensions in my college because of a riot started by the tamils and the telugus (or some such) because their team won/did not win. Cricket has taken communal colors now, thanks to the IPL.